20 January 2017

Another all black outfit. I really seem to be going through some sort of all black phase with my outfits. All I have been wearing in the past couple of days are complete black outfits, mostly because we've been having quite a few grey and very cold days. I've mostly bought black clothes for this season, so that's probably why all of my warmer clothes are black. Anyway, I really should get myself some item of clothing that has a different colour, because to only post black outfits is a bit boring.

What you can't really see in these photos is that I am wearing my black Weekday jumper that I mentioned in this haul post. It's such a classy and nice jumper that I can't wait to properly show you on in another outfit post that I will be posting next week. So here's what I'm wearing:

What I'm wearing:H&M coat
Weekday jumper
ASOS jeans
Forever21 boots (similar)
Lancster bag


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