27 January 2017

Happy Friday! This week went by so fast! All I did this past week is calm down my nerves from exam weeks and go to the museum once! Today I went on a little impromptu trip to Amsterdam with one of my friends. We were bored and didn't know what to do, so we just hopped onto a train to see some pretty Amsterdam canals.

The other day it wasn't as cold as it normally is during this time of year, so I finally decided to wear something else than my standard jumper and jeans combo. I got my khaki military shirt out again, and paired it with this gorgeous long H&M coat. I hadn't worn this military shirt in forever, so when I decided to put this on I was like yes, I love this shirt! So now I have decided that I need it way more often! A simple thing such as a khaki shirt incorporates some sort of colour into my outfits, which is not something we're really used to on seeing on this blog.

What I'm wearing
H&M coat
ZARA shirt (similar)
ASOS jeans
Sacha boots (similar)
Lancaster bag 


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