6 February 2017

Happy February! This week I started my first week at my internship and blogging has been really hard to fit into my schedule since I work from Monday until Friday, starting at nine in the morning and coming back at seven at night. Let's say that I haven't slept this well since high school! Since I haven't really had time to shoot a lot of content for my blog just yet, I felt like this was the right time to post my Instagram diary, so without further or do, here's what I shot during the month of January on Instagram!

Happy 2017! Hope you had an amazing NYE! | Spent the past few days mostly in bed cause I'm stuck with the flu, so here's a flatlay I made last week | New outfit post up on the blog! (Link) | It's sunny outside today! Feels like forever since I've last seen the sun | Always gram the dam | Messy weekend hair

Spent today working on the blog! Happy Sunday | Currently wishing it was still warm enough to wear leather jackets and graphic tees outside | Today's messy view. Currently in full-on study mode | Wearing some sort of colour for the first time in a really long time! | Yesterday's #flatlay because I've been studying all day | Morning coffee fix

Saturday croissant day | Suit life; lots of new content is up on the blog now! | Some of the latest purchases, links to these items are up on the blog (Link) | An outfit post from earlier this week (Link) | These three miracle products are saving my skin with all of the exam and deadline stress | The caffeine run. Photo is from last year though

Today's bag essentials, how gorgeous is this #feathers phone case from @iconemesis | Polar Vortex! New outfit post up on the blog! (Link) | The late breakfast, is it weekend yet? | The Weekend Detox with some of my faves | Another all black outfit, now on the blog! (Link) | The lazy weekend edition 

This was one of my favourite exhibitions by Anton Corbijn about two years ago. Can't wait to go to the museum again soon! | Today's essentials | New outfit post up on my blog now! | Went to see 'To Audrey With Love' by Hubert de Givenchy in the museum yesterday and everything was so gorgeous! | Is it weekend yet? I'm in need of a face mask and a book this evening | Currently missing London's pretty streets

Still not over the gorgeous details of this shirt! | Taking things slow this weekend | Happy Sunday! Have you seen this outfit post on the blog yet? (Link) | This was one of my favourite illustrations at the museum the other day, currently dreaming of Paris | Happy Monday! Hope you'll have a great week | A few of the latest bits and bops 

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