8 February 2017

We had been having a few really warm days, up until today, which is my birthday! I’m officially twenty now and also officially feel old! I am so happy that sweatshirts are acceptable to wear in the fashion industry nowadays. Back in the day when I was about 10 years old I used to live in hoodies and sweatshirts. I absolutely love being comfortable, and I am pretty sure we all know how much I appreciate comfort. Considering how much I always post about being comfortable in my outfit.

Now that I actually got my hands on a black hoodie, I am ready to incorporate just one or two more hoodies into my life. Colour is not really something I wear often, but I definitely feel like I want to get myself a lilac hoodie or a pink hoodie. Knowing me, that’s shocking, because I don’t often get out of the comforts of my colour scheme.

 What I’m wearing
H&M coat 
H&M hoodie 
ASOS jeans 
Sacha boots 
Lancaster bag 
CĂ©line sunglasses


  1. You look great in this outfit. Also, what a lovely blog you have! x

    Emma | www.brooklynisburning.co

  2. Happy birthday! En mooie outfit weer! Hou van all black :)

  3. Happy Birthday lovely! Love this look! xxx


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