10 May 2017

This past week has been one of the most hectic weeks of this year yet. That basically made me so tired and exhausted at the end of the day, that I did not want to stay up any longer to type a new blog post or even watch any Netflix. I read a bit of my book and then went straight to bed. It almost felt as if I have been going through a bit of a spring slump. Probably because the weather has not been as warm during this month as it should be.

I finally feel like things are slowing down and I finally felt inspired enough to wear something different than jumpers or an all black outfit. I opted for a bell sleeved top by New Look in the prettiest colour of blue. I don't normally wear that much colour, but I totally gravitate towards this gorgeous light blue colour. A lot of high street stores such as Zara, New Look and Mango have been having a lot of items in this colour in stock recently. And I find myself buying lots of new items in this colour and the only thing that minds me spending this much money on clothes like this is my wallet.

New Look has been a shop I have avoided for a long time. I am not even sure why. But when I was a bit younger, I was really into New Look and into all of the prints they sold. That was when I was still into wearing lots of colour and prints. Nowadays I feel a lot more comfortable with slowly wearing more prints and colours, so I started to browse the website again. I recently spent quite a lot of money on my new New Look obsession, but I am so excited to start wearing all of these clothes during the summer season!

What I'm wearing:
New Look blouse
ASOS jeans
Primark coat (similar)
Stradivarius bag
Sacha shoes


  1. Those shirts are really popular in Asia rn! There are also shirts that were originally long sleeved (up to the wrist) that are cut up to elbow and the fabric just dangles.

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. Yesss I love those type of blouses too! So pretty! xx


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