3 May 2017

Whenever the weather is slowly starting to get a bit warmer, I always start to feel lighter. Like there is this weight being lifted off my shoulders. That's when I feel like I want to start wearing a bit more colour. Over the past few months I have been slowly trying to buy a few more 'coloured' items to add to my wardrobe. It started with some light coloured jeans, the ones I am wearing right now, that I bought last year. But you will see a bit more in an upcoming post soon as I plan on doing a Spring/Summer Wardrobe Essentials post.

This outfit does not feel like a 'me' outfit just yet. Of course I am normally not one to wear colour, which you can see whenever I post an outfit. I do however like this colour of jeans and feel like I definitely could add another pair of denim jeans into my wardrobe. I never used to wear lighter jeans before, as I am quite insecure about my legs. In high school someone once commented on a pair of lighter jeans that I wore, and that comment has kind of stuck to me from that moment forward. Now that I am slowly starting to be happy with the kind of person I am, I also notice I feel a bit more confident in what I wear. So yay for me wearing lighter jeans and I really hope I can set this trend of me wearing colour forward a bit more.

What I'm wearing:
H&M shirt (similar
ASOS jeans
Converse All Stars trainers
Lancaster bag


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