19 July 2017

Here's me wearing a Justin Bieber Purpose tee. The other week I went into town with my friend and she is a big Justin Bieber fan. So when she picked this up she needed to have it, and then convinced me that I needed it too. Me being the impulsive buyer that I am, ended up at the H&M cash register to buy this too. Now I tried to style this tee, but am not sure whether or not I like it that much to wear out. I am by no means that big of a fan of Justin Bieber and I kind of feel like an eight year old while wearing this.
So this might be the first and last time you will be seeing this outfit on my blog. I probably will be using this as a pyjama tee instead. I am too ashamed to walk around the streets in this tee. And besides that I am not entirely sure about this colour. So while I am bashing my new tee, I still am posting this outfit post, because I think it looks kind of cute. Right? I always try to pair band tees with a somewhat put together outfit, so the outfit does not become too edgy. 

What I'm wearing:
H&M tee
ZARA trousers
Mango bag
Sacha shoes (similar)


  1. I love your style! Always so put together and chic x

    Emma Reverie de Paris

  2. Aw, it's a cute tee, haha. I think you styled it really well. But really tho, friends can be the worst to shop with, because they tempt you into buying things you sometimes really don't want, haha.


    1. Thank you haha! I know right?! They always tempt me into buying stuff I don't even need.. haha! xx


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