28 August 2017

Happy Monday! It feels like it has been such a long while since I last sat down to type up a blog post. I came back from my holiday last week but feel like I am settling down back home just now. It's something I experience every year when I am back from holiday. 

Last week was an absolutely crazy week, I have been running around like crazy! I went into The Hague so many times, I have been to Amsterdam, Haarlem, I got sick after eating some dodgy sushi and had a party. To say that I was exhausted by Sunday evening was an understatement. 

So tonight I am finally unpacking my long awaited suitcase that I have been avoiding in the other room. I would like to think that this is partly due to denial of being back from my holiday, as it literally flew by and I would love to be back instead of starting uni on Thursday. But I also is just a fact that I am way too lazy to actually try to stuff all of my clothes back into my closet because I definitely did buy myself some stuff that wasn't planned. 

One of those things is this blouse. It is absolutely adorable and I bought it at a store that I normally would never really buy anything in. This gorgeous top is by Sfera, which is a Spanish brand. Scrolling through their website tryin to find this blouse only makes me regret not buying more of their items. They have quite a nice collection right now, so definitely check it out if you're in Spain soon! 

What I'm wearing:
Sfera top
Mango old denim shorts (similar)
Topshop loafers (similar)
Céline sunnies 

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