29 November 2017

Hello Wednesday! It's very cold and sunny as I am typing this blog post. I just want to be warm and comfortable all the time during this season. That's where yet another new coat comes in very handy. My new and beloved teddy coat by H&M. This coat is one of the most comfortable coats I have worn during the autumn/winter season. As much as I love how comfortable this coat is, I do feel like it does make me look 5 times bigger than my actual size. So this coat might not be the most flattering, but I definitely won't stop wearing this coat anytime soon. I kind of just want to lie in bed with this coat, as it is so snuggly and warm, but I won't... I promise, that would be a bit weird if I did. 

Of course the rest of my outfit is as basic as possible, as I just had a quick run to the store to pick up some lunch. After that I went straight back to working on finishing off my latest essay, which I am just now taking a break from. I don't know how to downsize my words anymore (is this relatable to anyone or is this just me). Anyway I have also changed into pyjama bottoms and the comfiest hoodie I own as I was getting too cold sitting behind my desk sometime. Because I feel like I am rambling on everything and nothing at the same time, I'm just going to leave my post here and read a book or something to distract my mind from trying to downsize that bloody essay. 

What I'm wearing:
H&M coat
H&M tee
ASOS jeans


  1. I love that jacket so so much! I've been seeing a lot of them around & it's definetly a style I want to try.


    1. Yes definitely try one if you come across one! :) They would look so lovely on you! :) xx


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