6 November 2017

Happy Monday, I am back with yet another outfit from Edinburgh. Whenever I am off to go on a city trip, I usually only bring basics, like I said before in this post. I basically packed nearly all the striped tees I own, just so I could be sure that the outfits that I did manage to bring, would all look good together. You know I love a good stripe, and since about a month, I can't seem to stop wearing striped tee's.

This is an outfit I wore on the third day we were there. It was a lot colder this day, than on all the other days while we were there. I only wore a striped tee and this coat, so I pretty much regretted wearing just this tee, as I was freezing! 

We managed to do some more exploring around town though. My feet were basically healing a bit from the walking we did the days before. And I was happy that I could get these boots on again and do some more walking around town. Besides my striped tee obsession that I have been going through this past month, I've also been loving these boots. They're make an outfit look so much more edgy.

What I'm wearing:
ZARA coat (similar)
ASOS tee
ASOS jeans
Manfield boots
Rebecca Minkoff bag
CĂ©line sunnies

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