12 December 2017

I am so beyond excited that it's December. Besides the fact that Christmas is just around the corner, I am also really looking forward to finally hang out with family and friends again! Because November has been such a busy month, I feel like I have not had any time to catch up with them. But before I get even more excited for christmas, and won't stop rambling on and on seeing friends and family again, I am going to talk you through my five favourites of November first.

November has been a whirlwind of sleepless nights and I can barely remember what I have been liking during the past month. I feel like all I have been loving during the month of November are oversized jumpers and either gym leggings or some other sort of comfortable pair of trousers.

H&M Teddy Moto jacket
Of course the H&M Teddy Moto coat can't be missed from my five favourites of November. I have worn this jacket lots after I got it. It's the most comfortable coat ever and there's not much else I've got to say about it. Teddy coats are such a big thing right now, and I feel like I needed to hop on that bandwagon this winter. This beauty is from H&M, but I also spotted a beautiful teddy coat on MissGuided that I know I definitely don't need, but want really, really badly.

Stella by Stella McCartney perfume
While I was in Edinburgh back in October, I stocked up on one of my favourite fragrances. Stella by Stella McCartney is one of those fragrances that, in my opinion, was made for Winter. It's such a beautiful scent. Apparently the key note in this fragrance is rose, which I totally had to look up online because I would not be able to get that from just smelling it. It being rose is quite surprising, as I am normally not really a big fan of the whole rose scent. But I feel like this has the perfect amount of rose in it, so that it's not too much. I like using this scent especially during the winter, as it is quite a deep scent, which I prefer when I am out and about and snuggled up into a scarf.

I am pretty sure I can't get this anywhere in The Netherlands, unless I order it online somewhere. I don't even know where to buy it online, so it's all just a bit too much of an effort for me.  So while I was browsing Boots in Edinburgh, I stumbled across it and had to get myself another little bottle and I have pretty much worn it every day since! And I know I will have gone through this bottle by the end of December, which basically means I have to plan myself another trip to London or Edinburgh, because.. Well I need to stock up.

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch
And yet again, I am into watches. This particular one that I am into, is the Classic Sheffield watch by Daniel Wellington. This is just such a versatile watch that pretty much goes with everything. All that is missing from right now is just some pretty other jewellery that I want to get myself, so the arm can look proper festive during the Christmas season.

Grey knit
It does not come as a surprise that this grey knit is a favourite of the month. Here's a true fact about this knit.  Grey H&M knit. I have worn this jumper three days in a row while writing this post, but before that I also managed to wear it quite a lot during the month. I feel like I have never had a grey jumper that's this colour before. Besides the fact that I felt the need to buy a jumper in this colour, it is also incredibly soft. Which is probably the reason that sold me to this jumper.

&Other Stories Chelsea boots
The final thing that I have been loving during November is another pair of boots. The past month I have been living in these Chelsea boots by & Other Stories. I have had them for ages, but only just now feel like I can actually wear them. I got them in March, but by then the weather really started to get warmer, so I never really got a chance to wear them out. I have been wearing these so much lately, mainly because it just gets so cold that I can't wear my beloved Vans anymore.


  1. Those boots or that jacket!! I don't know what I love more! 😍😍
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf


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