1 December 2017

I am a massive coat hoarder and this year I can't seem to stop buying coats! I seem to be finding coats that I love everywhere this season and friends and family commented on that I should probably stop buying them pretty soon. Winter coats are just such a massive wardrobe staple in my opinion. Especially when you're only wearing all black outfits like I usually do during winter. They can instantly make your winter outfits look a lot more interesting. As promised earlier this week, here is my long awaited winter coats post.

Checked coat
First up are checked coats. Checked prints are so hot this autumn/winter season, and ever since I talked about my massive love for my Prince of Wales blazer, it felt necessary to also get myself a checked coat. To, you know, continue obsessing over this particular print. I had a bit of a struggle finding a checked coat that I liked and was semi-affordable, until I stumbled on to this Checked Coat from Pull & Bear. I just about managed to grab it up last week in the Black Friday sale and am so excited to wear it.

Camel coat
A wardrobe staple definitely is a camel coat. I feel like camel coats are so easy to style, but instantly make your outfits look chic. So whenever I feel like I look like a hobo, I tend to throw my camel coat. I instantly feel like I look a lot more put together. This one is not as warm as all of my other winter coats, but it definitely is warm enough when I throw a scarf on too. This coat is from last years collection at Pull and Bear, but I found a very similar one in their current collection here.

Teddy coats
This year teddy coats, just like checked coats, also seem to be everywhere. At first I was unsure of whether or not I liked these on me, but now I am sold. They are so comfortable and snuggly, I don't care if it makes me look ten times my actual size. The first one shown in this blog post is this cream H&M moto teddy coat. This is one of the newer additions to my wardrobe, and it's just the cosiest thing ever.
The other teddy coat that I added to my wardrobe this year is this black teddy coat from MissGuided. I honestly have worn this coat so much ever since I first got it and I will probably continu to snuggle into this when it gets even colder.

Aviator jackets
I already had gotten myself an aviator jacket last year, which you can find in this blog post. But I had to buy the all too famous Zara one as well. Everyone and their mother seems to be having this coat, but when I tried it on in store, I knew I had to buy it. It was the warmest and coziest thing in the world, which would be perfect for whenever I am off to uni or off into town on my scooter. This aviator jacket I am wearing is by Zara, but I recently found that lots of highstreet stores seem to be doing this jacket nowadays, such as River Island, New Look and H&M

Classic black coat
And of course I am ending this post with a classic black coat. Black coats are, just like camel coats such a wardrobe staple in my opinion. Well actually, black coats are always a wardrobe staple in my opinion, but I love wearing black winter coats even more, as they're just a bit more structured than coats you would usually wear in spring. This particular black coat I am wearing is new and from Bershka. But I also still wear my Sissy Boy coat that you can find in this blog post here

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