19 September 2018

Autumn probably is one of my all time favourite seasons. There is just so many great things about autumn. The weather, the orange and brown leaves, the fashion! Especially the fashion. As much as I love summer and just getting away for the summer for a while, I'm also always so excited for this season to come around. In today’s post I thought it would be fun to share what I love and look forward to most this season.


17 September 2018

This year has been a bit of a struggle for me style-wise. I don’t know what it is, but I always tend to feel a little bit panic-y when a new season comes around. I already wrote a little blog post about this at the beginning of this year, called ‘finding my SS18 style’. However, right now I am trying to ‘find my AW18/19 style’.

A bit lost in the beginning of the season

Fashion and the season switches are very stressful in my opinion, especially if you’re not a size 6 or have endlessly long legs. I somehow find that fashion is a bit different nowadays. I always feel like the items sold at the high street would only really look good on certain body types instead of something that would look good on both.


13 September 2018

First of all, like I said in my latest post, how is it September already? How are there only 3 months of the year left?! I am so confused by how fast this year is flying by. August especially went by in the blink of an eye, and now I am already back at uni. I have loved so many great things during the month of August that I am so excited to share with you, which I am going to do in today’s post!


10 September 2018

It’s officially September and being back at university for just a week already has given me extreme anxiety. It's been very stressful as I will soon be graduating after spending four years of my life there. So before I get too anxious about becoming a real-life adult, I wanted to reflect back on my summer, as so many lovely memories have been made, which I want to hang on to. Hanging on to those smaller moments that happened during life is one of those things that came with the New Years Resolutions post I made at the beginning of this year. We can all get so caught up into things and only really appreciate the bigger events that happen to us. However, the smaller things in life truly do matter too. They bring a smile to your face in your day to day life and give you so much energy and inspiration to live off of and they are something we all should be a bit more grateful for.


29 August 2018

It’s nearly September, which means it’s nearly time for me to go back to uni soon. This summer has been so much fun and I am kind of sad to say goodbye to summer. So many great memories have been made this summer, but more on that later. I did however find it difficult to create content during my summer break away from uni. I pretty much struggle with this every year when I come back from my summer holiday. I get this post-holiday funk where I feel uninspired and don’t really know what to write about. That explains why I have been posting so extremely inconsistent during August, which I truly hope you can forgive me for.


22 August 2018

Summer is in full swing and the weather here in the Netherlands has been absolutely glorious! I am definitely here for this sort of weather and wish I wouldn’t be stuck inside at an office a few days a week so I could spend some more time outside to enjoy the weather. Anyway, since we have had such a great summer, I thought it would be fun to share my summer fashion essentials with you. These are basically all the things I have worn lots during the past few weeks and I would consider as summer fashion essentials.


20 August 2018

I honestly cannot believe that it’s this far into August already. This year literally is flying by so fast I can’t quite comprehend it. As you probably know, I went on holiday in July, so when I was thinking about what I had been loving during July, I had quite a bit of a brain fart. The main reason for this is that I basically spent most of my days in July in a bikini with no makeup on. Whenever we did decide to do something while we were away on holiday, I chose to wear the most basic items I own. So those basically are my absolute favourite items during the month of July.


15 August 2018

A few months ago my friend introduced me to this gorgeous couscous salad. She invited me over to have a Riverdale catch up marathon because we both had been so busy with uni that we didn't really watch it. While we had our little Riverdale marathon she made me this glorious salad for lunch. Ever since summer has started, this has been such a yummy go-to lunch and dinner salad. It’s super easy and quick to make and practically takes a maximum of ten minutes to make! I honestly think I could eat this salad for lunch and dinner everyday, and I might even have had this salad for lunch and dinner a few times before.


8 August 2018

First of all I would like to apologize for the absence on here. Last week was my first real week back to reality after my summer holiday and it hit me harder than expected and to top it off, I also went to Milan for the weekend. This basically left me with no time and energy to blog, so I decided to take a little break. But I’m back now and I thought I would start off with a blog post about my trip to Milan.

My cousin and I booked a very impromptu little city break trip to Milan two weeks ago. We were both very excited to explore a new city, as we both had never been to Milan before. We knew it was going to be warm there, so we came prepared and brought SPF with us. We left on Friday morning for Milan and we arrived in the city center at around 1 o’clock.


27 July 2018

Bowls seem to be around a lot nowadays. I personally love eating out of bowls, as it's just so easy to make! This salmon bowl is one of my favourite things to have for dinner. I first had it last year at a restaurant in Marbella. At first I found it very hard to come up with a recipe that was similar to the salmon bowl I had in Marbella last year. About a year later I feel like I finally have perfected this recipe and now feel ready to share my recipe on the blog.

This probably is one of those recipes that takes a little longer than the ones I normally put on the blog, as there’s just a few more steps incorporated into this recipe. Nevertheless I still love making this and it’s so worth it. This recipe contains multiple steps, the first step is marinating the salmon, once the salmon is marinated and in the oven, there are only a few steps left to do.


25 July 2018

I have just come back from my holiday in Marbella. I had such a beautiful time there where I just did nothing other than read books, eat and work on my tan. This was everything I ever really needed, as I just felt like was so ready for a holiday filled with just doing absolutely nothing. So now that I am back from my holiday I feel completely relaxed and ready to take things on again. Whenever I come back from holiday though, I always get this extra lust to travel to other places. I love discovering new places, but am also a major creature of habit and tend to visit places I have been to before. However, in the upcoming years I am definitely going to try and spend some more time and money in travelling to other places. In this post I thought it would be fun to share what places are on my ‘travel wishlist’ right now and why.


23 July 2018

Summer is in full swing and I love it so much! I am enjoying my summer holiday off of uni and my goal this year was to travel a bit more. That’s why I am hoping to discover a few new cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Discovering new cities and villages usually involves a lot of walking, so comfort is extra necessary during these warm months. In this post I will be talking you through a few of my go-to clothing items for when I am off to discover new cities during the summer season.


20 July 2018

I recently had some courgettes left over because I decided to switch up my dinner plans. I wanted to use them up and started looking for tasty recipes that had courgette incorporated in it. I stumbled upon courgette fritters and soon stumbled upon a really tasty recipe of ‘courgette fritters’ or courgette pancakes, as some people would like to call them. I followed a recipe but started altering it in the process of cooking. So when these courgette fritters ended up being so yummy, I decided that I wanted to share this post with you on my blog!


18 July 2018

Over the past couple of months I had been feeling so utterly tired. I did not really understand why I was so unbelievably tired. Being tired isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But in my case it was starting to affect my productiveness throughout the day. I could barely keep my eyes open when at uni or at work and just had no energy to create content for the blog. Like I said, it’s completely normal to feel this way from time to time, but I had been feeling like this from April until June, that’s quite a long time! So I decided to take control and made a few lifestyle adjustments that definitely helped me have more energy throughout the day.


16 July 2018

Over the years I have become a skincare junkie. This mainly has to do with my getting horrible cystic acne when I was 18 years old. Ever since I am just constantly hunting down skincare products that can contain and hopefully eventually even cure my cystic breakouts. Now that it’s summer I have noticed that my skin has been so much better. I am pretty sure it has something to do with me finding products that I absolutely love and use every day as well as slapping on a lot less makeup because it’s just ‘too hot’. In this post I wanted to share my current skincare routine with you as I feel like I have finally got my cystic acne under control. I am not saying that my skincare routine is going to cure your cystic acne, but I definitely do think that a few of these products could possibly help you too this summer!


13 July 2018

There have been a few bags that I have really liked this summer and I wanted to talk about them on the blog. It definitely feels a bit weird to dedicate a whole blog posts to four bags that I have been really loving this year, but the ‘personal style’ blogger in me just could not resist to do it anyway.

This year I have definitely seen multiple bags float around Instagram that I really like and over the past few months I have been trying to find myself affordable dupes of these bags that I seem to love. I am definitely one of those people who cannot afford to buy myself a new designer bag every month, so I always try to find similar products at stores such as Mango, Pull & Bear, Primark and Topshop. All of these stores have definitely treated me well this year and have made me found all of the bags I had been lusting after.


11 July 2018

The past few months I have rediscovered and discovered so many great skincare and base makeup products. These products definitely have become summer beauty favourites of mine and I I felt like I wanted to share them with you.


9 July 2018

There’s so much pressure on getting lots of work done throughout the day, to give everything your full attention and to be 100% on top of things at all moments of the day. I try to do my best and have noticed that I definitely am a lot more productive and focussed on my work if I apply a few adjustments into my life and I thought it would be fun to share them with you!


7 July 2018

I’m off on holiday soon and I always seem to be a bit confused as what I must bring with me on the plane when I am off on a short haul flight. I especially get a bit confused by my makeup bag that I bring with me on my short haul flight. I tend to avoid wearing any makeup on the plane because it gives me great anxiety knowing I will suffer from a really bad breakout a few days later. So I usually only just bring a couple of makeup products with me when I am off to sit on a plane for about 4 hours.


6 July 2018

Last year I already talked you through a travel outfit and discussed some of my tips for when you are travelling. This year I wanted to post yet another post but talk you a bit more through what I would wear when I am off on a short haul flight and why I would wear an outfit like this.


4 July 2018

Summer is in full swing and I am here for it! I love it. June has been a glorious month where we have been blessed with so many beautiful and summery days. This got me extra excited for my summer holiday. Before I actually leave, I also want to talk you through all the bits and bops I have been loving during the month of June that have gotten me very excited for my summer holiday!


2 July 2018

Happy Monday and Happy July! First of all I would like to apologize for my absence on the blog this past week. It has been a stressful, eventful and busy week and I am so glad that it’s now Sunday evening and I finally have some down time to sit down and reflect on this past month. I leave for my summer holiday soon and am so ready for it. This past month has been exhausting and I am more than ready to just sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine these upcoming weeks.

June has been quite an eventful week filled with catch up with friends and family, concerts and birthday parties and I am so excited to talk you through a few of my favourite things that happened this month.


29 June 2018

When you find the perfect makeup products or a makeup routine you like, it’s not hard to recommend all of these products to your friends and family. To me a perfect makeup product is affordable but also manages to give you that look that you want to achieve. For me this will always be a product that makes me feel confident throughout the day. I don’t want makeup to cover up everything on my face. I have acne and scarring and I am not afraid to let them show through whenever I put makeup on.


20 June 2018

Protecting yourself when you’re out and about in the sun is so important; I can’t stress on this topic enough. Throughout the years I have been really trying to improve how (and how often) I use SPF as I want to protect myself from any sun damage as much as possible. Now I still tend to get a sunburnt on a few places on my body. These are always body parts I forget to put SPF on and I instantly regret it as soon as these body parts get burnt. In this post I wanted to share a few body parts you also have to put SPF on, to make myself a little reminder to put SPF on these body parts. Besides that I also hope that this post inspires you to put SPF on these body parts too.


18 June 2018

Summer is so close and we have been having so many great and warm summer days this year already. Summer in the Netherlands is never that warm, so besides the occasional dress or playsuit that I would wear on exceptionally hot days, you would not really see me in anything other than jumpsuits, midi dresses, culottes or linen trousers during the summer days that I in the Netherlands. It’s just something that I personally feel most comfortable in.

Last week, while I was planning net content for this week, I was going through some of my blog posts again and saw my ‘go-to spring look’. That got me thinking that I thought it would be fun to describe my go-to summer look for this year. So what I’m wearing in this outfit is such a good representation of what I would normally wear on a summer day in the Netherlands.


15 June 2018

My glowy summer makeup look The past few months I have been really loving glowy makeup. I still like to look pretty natural as if I barely have any makeup on, so I always try to achieve a bit of a healthy glow with only a few products. Over the years I have really cut down on beauty products and only really go for natural looks nowadays. This glowy summer makeup look is my newest favourite routine and I have had a few compliments so I have been dying to write a post about it since.


11 June 2018

This afternoon I hopped into town, dying to have a little shopping spree. I felt like I had not been into town and just strolled in and out of stores in forever. So when I went into town this afternoon, I was excited to have an old school shopping trip. However, when I went into town, I noticed that I become annoyed and tired because I just couldn’t really find anything that I had pictured in my mind or lived up to the expectations. This got me thinking, am I over shopping sprees?


6 June 2018

Shirtdresses seem to have made a comeback for summer this year. Everywhere you look you’ll find these dresses in stores, on girls, on social media. They’re everywhere. And I love it. Wearing shirtdresses during summer is something I always look forward to and I pretty much always include them into wardrobe essentials, because they truly are summer wardrobe staples to me. So when I mentioned these shirtdresses in my wardrobe essentials post, I got the question if I could share a few of my favourite bits, where I get my shirt dresses as well as how I style them. That’s pretty much what I will be talking about in this post.

To me shirtdresses are such a great piece to invest in as I pretty much wear shirtdresses everyday when I am off on holiday. There are always a few items staple colours that I like to have my shirtdresses in.


4 June 2018

We have had a couple of really beautiful warm days here in The Netherlands. That got me looking into alternative items of clothing other than jeans or smart trousers, as I don’t really like to wear dresses, shorts or skirts at work or uni during the day. That’s when I stumbled upon linen trousers and boy I am hooked. Ever since I have gotten these linen trousers I am just constantly hunting for new pairs of linen trousers and anything other linen. This post pretty much is a dedication to why I love linen clothing.


3 June 2018

Wow it’s already June. I feel like time is just really flying by this year. But it's probably all got to do with growing older and becoming busier and busier as grown ups.

May has been a very lovely month. It was filled with lots of small happy moments in my life. I already wrote lots about my favourite moments of May in this post, but still wanted to reflect on it a little bit in this post. This month has also been a month of many new fashion and a few beauty discoveries/favourites that I have been dying to share with you.