17 January 2018

First of all I would like to apologize for my lack of content during this first month of the new year. I had envisioned to create lots of content in January, because I really started to feel inspired to blog again. However, I had to redo an assessment for uni last week and basically have been caught up in that from last Wednesday until Monday. On Monday I felt very down, upset and anxious so I decided to take a little break from everything and everyone and basically was inside all day reading a book. Luckily I feel a bit better now, as I am definitely trying to get a bit of meditation into my day every day. 

So it definitely took me a long while until I could finally share this outfit on the blog. I had been posting a few photos of this outfit on my instagram already, and definitely got some compliments while wearing this out. It's been ages since I have last worn heeled boots, but I somehow rediscovered my love for these sort of booties over the past month. We've had a few days over the last couple of months where it was just too cold to wear sneakers and have my bare ankles out. So I then grabbed back towards my boots and soon found my sock boots again. You probably will be seeing these make quite a few appearances in the upcoming few weeks in January. 

What I'm wearing:
Sissy Boy coat (similar)
H&M jumper 
Sacha boots (similar)

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