13 July 2018

There have been a few bags that I have really liked this summer and I wanted to talk about them on the blog. It definitely feels a bit weird to dedicate a whole blog posts to four bags that I have been really loving this year, but the ‘personal style’ blogger in me just could not resist to do it anyway.

This year I have definitely seen multiple bags float around Instagram that I really like and over the past few months I have been trying to find myself affordable dupes of these bags that I seem to love. I am definitely one of those people who cannot afford to buy myself a new designer bag every month, so I always try to find similar products at stores such as Mango, Pull & Bear, Primark and Topshop. All of these stores have definitely treated me well this year and have made me found all of the bags I had been lusting after.

Straw beach bag

The first bag I had been dying to get myself his summer was a straw beach bag. They just look so gorgeous summery and I love to style them with super summery outfits as they make you look like a holiday goddess. I stumbled upon this gorgeous round beach bag by Primark and fell for the pom pom details on there. It was such a steal as well, as it was only €10!

Ring handle bag

I first fell for ring handle bags after seeing Pinja wear her beautiful ring handle bag. I honestly think her bag is such versatile addition to her wardrobe that I just felt obliged that I had to get one too. I started hunting down every high street store to find a bag that was similar and ended up falling in love with this Ring Handle bag from Topshop. This again, was such a steal, as I got it on sale for €23 at Zalando. I have not gotten around to showing it on the blog just yet, but it’s such a cute little bag, that is perfect for when you’re off into town. I especially love it because I can actually fill a little bottle of water in it!

Bucket bag

Somehow the bucket bag made an reappearance this year. I have saved so many outfits on Instagram lately that incorporated the bucket bag into their outfit. Most of them usually are made of straw or are very festival-chic. Once I noticed that the bucket bag was kind of a thing again, I got this Mango one back out. I have gotten myself this bag either two or three years ago and I have fallen in love with it again. It’s a black bucket bag, so it’s definitely versatile. Instead of spending money on yet another bucket bag that was a bit more ‘on trend’, I decided to just stick with this one again.

Round straw bag

And finally, the last bag that is definitely a favourite of mine this year is the round straw bag. Everyone and their mum have these super cute bags and I totally get why! They are such cute fashion staples that make it look as if you are away on holiday. These round straw bags are very ‘French Riviera’ and I am totally here for that style. I always think the French look so chic and if a round straw bag can make me look stylish like the French I am here for it! This straw bag from Pull & Bear definitely makes that cut.


  1. Ah die tas van Topshop is zo leuk, ga hem denk ik ook bestellen :)!

    1. Jaa die is leuk he! Ik ben er zo blij mee! :) xx


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