6 July 2015


We're six days into July already and that kinda scares and excites me. I'll be on holiday soon and I can't wait to start tanning, relaxing and come back all ready for the new school year. Here's my instagram activity of the month of June.

New Quay sunnies | New outfit post (link) | So ready for my summer holiday now that I've got this beauty | Today's essentials | Started my day with some green juice and @portermagazine 

Peony season's my favourite season | I spent my Sunday on a boat on the canals of Amsterdam | Little flatlay of my current faves | Made a sushi bow for dinner, because I was too lazy to make actual rolls | Here's what's in my bag 

New outfit post up on the blog! Off to an event now! (link) | New reading material | New outfit post up on the blog! (link) | Here's to spending the first day of summer in bed because of a rainy Sunday and a stomach bug | Making tasty bagels at home because who wants to go outside when it's raining?

Casual outfits (link| Am I the only one who enjoys drinking cold drinks out of mugs? I spent my day reading in the sunshine | Real life @polyvore outfit planning for the blog | Making lists of things I want to do this summer | Here's what I'm wearing today 

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4 July 2015


ZARA blazer (similar), ZARA cami top (similar), ASOS boyfriend jeans (similar), MANGO bag, H&M sliders

My boyfriend jeans have been my go-to pair of jeans with this heat. I usually tend to go for them after I've worn way too many shorts, dresses or skirts in a week. I am not a skirts or dresses kind of gal at all, except during summer. I just overheat very, very fast! So when the warmth cools down a bit, I grab my boyfriend jeans as soon as possible. I love pairing them with my sliders from H&M or Birkenstock for a really casual and laid-back vibe, but sometimes, when I feel like dressing up or when I'm off to a party, I pair these jeans with a pair of heels. It's not like I am off to parties anyway, so you'll mostly find me in these sliders when wearing my boyfriend jeans. 

3 July 2015


H&M cami top, Mango shorts (similar), BooHoo shoes (similar), ZARA bag

Somehow my legs don't want to get tan at all this summer. I've been tanning for a good week now, with the heat wave, but my legs just don't seem to want to tan compared to the rest of my body. So while I am trying to work that tan, specifically on the legs, I am also writing down blog posts for when I will be on holiday next month. I like to think that I am prepared with the blog posts, but I know I will leave it until the last minute, just like last year. 

I have been loving the cami tops again, they're such a summer wardrobe staple for me. I got this one in Amsterdam about a month ago, and I adore it. It's so comfortable! Although slightly too big, so I might have to pick another one up in a size down. 

2 July 2015


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 polaroid, Primark mug, Quay Australia 'My Girl' sunnies
H&M sliders, Mango bag

Happy July! I kind of forgot last month's Five Favourites post and when I came to that realization I figured that most of the things I've been loving during June, I've also loved during May. So I thought I would mash up this together.  

The first thing I've been loving this month is my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 polaroid camera. I have been dying to get this camera for absolutely ages. It was on offer a local store, so I decided to finally bite the bullet and get the camera. I haven't used it a lot, because I want to save the film as much as possible for my summer holiday. I can imagine all of the amazing holiday polaroids coming out of this amazing little thing already!

Next is this Primark mug that says Morning Sunshine. I love myself a mug and don't just drink tea out of them. I got this mug on sale at Primark for like €1, which is insanely cheap. It drinks lovely, is very photogenic, especially on my instagram feed and it does the job. So for a €1, why not, right?! 

Quay Australia has become my latest obsession. So it's not that weird that I have another pair of sunnies of them that I've been loving. These are the Quay Australia My Girl sunglasses. I spotted the My Girl sunglasses in brown on their instagram a good two/three months ago and absolutely adored them! So when I checked on their website to see if they still had them, they hadn't. So I waited... and waited ... and waited. Eventually they did come back in stock and I decided to go for these black ones. The My Girl sunnies are really popular and often out of stock, so if you have the opportunity to get your hands on those sunnies and you want them, I suggest getting them immediately, because they will be gone before you know it!

I love my Birkenstocks that I got last year, but for this year's look I kinda wanted to own the exact same sliders, but completely black. I didn't want to justify spending another €100 on another pair of Birks, so I decided to check elsewhere. So I came across these H&M Sliders on the H&M website. Cheap as chips, so I had to get them. I've worn them quite a lot, especially with the warmer weather, and they still look good. Quick little side note, they sadly enough aren't as comfortable as Birkenstocks are!

The last favourite for this post is this Mango bag. I've been loving this bag so much. It was only €20, which is considerably cheap for a bag, so I had to pick it up because I loved the design. I tend to carry a lot of crap with me in my bag, and if your bag is small, you tend to carry a lot less crap with you. So besides this bag being very pretty, it also helps with my immense shoulder pains! Double bonus, right?

30 June 2015


H&M dress (similar), BooHoo shoes (similar) and hat, Monki bag, Céline sunnies

We're currently experiencing a heat wave and I absolutely love it. It gives me a reason to finally wear this white t-shirt dress. I've already told you about a gazillion times already how much I love t-shirt dresses. I never had a white one before, so when I came across a white version of the dress that I own in at least 4 other colours, I decided to pick it up. It's perfect for summer, especially when you're trying to look more tan and if you feel like you want to go all white. Because black is another colour that pretty much takes up my wardrobe, I decided to go for a bit of a contrasting look, combining this simple t-shirt dress with my Monki bag that I bought in London, my BooHoo hat, shoes and my favourite sunnies ever, my Céline Audrey sunnies.