23 September 2014


Zara blazer (similar) and bag (in pink), COS tee, Primark jeans, Sacha boots, Ray-Ban clubmaster

I felt so badass wearing this outfit. I think it might be the combination of an all black outfit combined with a crisp white blazer. I bought this blazer on sale for only €25 in July. I had been hunting this blazer down ever since it came in stock and then it just appeared to be in the sale and it happened to be my size too, so I just had to pick this beauty up. 

However I find it very hard to style it, or I haven't really taken the time to properly think about it, which probably was due to the fact that when I bought this blazer it was over 26 degrees Celsius, which does not make it very appealing to wear a blazer. So now that autumn is around the corner I will wear this beauty to death, so we can make up for lost time during summer.

22 September 2014


Zara top, ASOS jeans, H&M bag (similar) and slip ons, Céline sunnies

It's so easy to pick up that one striped top in the morning when you don't know what to wear. It's Monday, which means it's the hardest day to get out of bed, so when I stood in front of my closet with my sleepy head this morning, I opted for my favourite striped top. I actually love it so much that I am pretty sure that I need to pick at least another 2 of these ones up! My stripe obsession and I are reaching a new level of excitement.


I went to Amsterdam last Wednesday to see the first ever eyewear fashion show from Eye wish Opticiens at Het Rijksmuseum. It was such a lovely show and I got lots of inspiration from how some glasses were paired with outfits, which made me realise that I need to wear my glasses more on an everyday basis. The fashion show was at Het Rijksmuseum and that was quite a spectacular location as the museum usually closes at 5 PM. So to be able to witness that was pretty awesome! 

We were lucky enough to receive a goodiebag and in that goodiebag were two tickets to visit het Rijksmuseum, which is even more awesome, so I don't think it will be long until I'm back in Amsterdam, to visit het Rijksmuseum.

21 September 2014


Zara jacket and bag, H&M vest top and slip ons, Asos jeans, Céline sunnies

I went out into town yesterday with friends to check out the opening of a shopping centre in town. I had lots and lots of fun and we had a quick little look at the new 8tea5 store, where we usually get our bubble tea, which was lovely. 

When we tried to get home after going into town, we were kinda stuck in town as there was a marathon going, so most of the roads were closed. We had the hardest time getting home. While trying to find another way to get home we got to this cute little street corner and we just randomly started snapping away on our iPhones as I forgot my camera, worse blogger ever. We ended up walking around for a bit to see what part we were in. It ended up being a lovely part of town which we definitely will visit more often! So this isn't going to be the last time you'll see this white wall. 

19 September 2014


H&M dress (similar), coat (similar)and bag (in stores now), Zara boots, Boohoo hat, Céline sunnies

This is what I wore to Amsterdam the other day when I went to see a fashion show at Het Rijksmuseum. It was such a lovely show and an amazing location! I probably will write a post about it as I took lots of photos. 

These boots cut my heel open and my toe is completely covered in blisters so these shoes weren't that great for the amount of speed walking my cousin and I did in Amsterdam! Besides the fact that my right foot is covered in blisters, I just really like how these boots went with the whole outfit. I feel like these boots are going to be an essential this upcoming season as they just look good with everything.