28 July 2014


I'm leaving for my holiday to Marbella soon and I thought it would be a lovely idea to do another one of my essentials posts (find all of the previous posts here). Now that my instagram and facebook are being flooded by photos of amazing places that I would love to visit as well, I felt like now was the right time to do a beach/holiday essentials post. I always carry pretty much the same things along with me for a day at the pool/beach so these really are my essentials for summer. Let's just hop right into the post!

A bikini is a necessity when you're going on holiday. Unless you're going to a really cold country to spend your summer holiday... And like half of the women on this planet, I hate buying bikini's. It's just hard to find the right one, my body is out of proportion, I don't feel comfortable trying bikini's on in a store and I sure as hell can't seem to find any that I like. The Triangl bikini's are just absolutely stunning but I really can't be bothered to spend $80 on a bikini, so when I found this white one from Forever 21 when I was in Antwerp I had to get it. It looked so similar and if I ever want to buy a Triangl bikini I would have to see if I would like it first, so I decided to buy this one which was like half the price of a Triangle bikini! I think I might have to get myself a Triangl bikini next year though! ;)

Next are magazines and books, I am a big lover of books, especially when I'm on holiday. I'm basically a big sucker for reading. I usually go through at least 4 books on holiday. My love for reading got so  bad that my dad told me to get a Kindle last year because I was putting books in all of my parent's suitcases. In my opinion it doesn't get any better than tanning by the pool while reading a book. It's one of my favourite things about summer holidays. I am currently re-reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky as I just felt like it was necessary because I loved this book so much. 
And of course magazines can't miss out on a summer holiday. Because what if I finish my books?! What else do I have to read? I usually buy magazines at the airport. I always buy myself a copy of Vogue UK, Elle Magazine and Company magazine just has to come on holiday too! 

Texturising spray is something that is new to my holiday essentials list. My hair is normally just weird when I'm at the pool, so nowadays I tend to carry my Evo Mister Fantastic Texture Spray with me. This is great, because you can just spray it on wet hair when you're out of the pool and your hair looks all pretty and textured. However, I wouldn't think this is really necessary when you're at the beach, because the beach makes your hair look awesome without you even trying! 

Tanning Lotion is necessary when you're on holiday. My mum always tells me how important it is to use SPF so I always want to use SPF! I always use it when I'm tanning in the sun and my family and I are normally not that picky when it comes to SPF. We usually get our SPF on holiday so we tend to go for Nivea, Piz Buin, Hawaiian Tropic or Garnier Ambre Solaire. My brother picked this Garnier Ambre Solaire tanning oil up the other day, but the SPF is way too low for my liking, especially since we're not that tan yet when we will arrive in Marbella, so I picked this same tanning oil up in a SPF 15 which is more to my liking. Anyway, SPF is very important so we can't go on a holiday or go on a trip to the beach without SPF! 

I used to get bad headaches from the sun, so a hat has been very necessary for me on holiday. I just got this hat at a local market in Marbella a few years ago to prevent myself from getting any worse headaches. If you're like me and get headaches in the sun or even if you don't want your face to be as tan as the rest of your body wear a hat! Hats are cool! I still need to get myself a pretty one this year so that will definitely be the first purchase I will make when I'm on holiday! 

My last essential for the summer holiday is iced coffee. I've been LOVING iced coffee lately and my parents have noticed as I'm this bouncing ball bouncing around the house when I had a bit too much iced coffee. I just make these myself as it's super easy (recipe will be up soon!). Hydrating your body in general is very important, especially when you're on holiday so I also drink lots of water besides the litres of iced coffee that I drink! ;)

So those are my essentials for a summer holiday besides the boring old beach towel and bottle of water. I would love to know what your holiday/beach essentials are and if and where you're going away/already went away for your summer holiday! Because I'm just that nosy you know.. ;) Have an amazing summer!! 

24 July 2014


Bershka tee, Boohoo shorts, Forever21 sandals, Ray-Ban clubmaster

These leather shorts are a piece of clothing I always seem to forget about. I don't know why, but they somehow end up somewhere in the back of my closet and then they just pop up again after a few months because these ideas hop into my head with how I could style them. I thought this would be an awesome outfit and it turned out pretty okay! I am a big lover of striped, in case you hadn't noticed and I am constantly trying to search for a perfect summer stripe. This is a good striped top for summer, however it's kinda cropped and I don't feel like showing my belly when wearing jeans so the hunt for the perfect stripey top for summer goes on.. 

22 July 2014


Forever21 dress (similar), H&M jacket (similar), Sacha pistol boots (similar), CĂ©line sunglasses

This feels weird. I'm wearing a girly dress, and I like it! Dresses are something that I like, but I usually go for the shift dresses not a skater style dress. Skater style dresses usually really accentuate your figure, which probably is good, but it makes me insecure so I didn't want this outfit to look too girly so I decided to wear my leather jacket from H&M with it. The leather jacket toughens the outfit up a bit! I feel like this is an outfit I could wear everyday during summer! Who knew that I would turn into a girly dresses kind of gal?!  

21 July 2014


All Saints top, Zara skort (similar), Topshop slip ons, Boohoo hat, Celine sunnies, Revlon Lipbutter Candy Apple

I feel like it has been a while since my last post. My last post was on Thursday and I decided to have a few days to myself. It's basically chaos in my head because I still have so much to do for when I leave for my holiday! Planning in posts, answering emails, seeing friends before they leave for their holiday, buying my beach essentials! Also ne of my best friends went to the USA yesterday for 1,5 months and I just felt the need to see her every day so I spent lots of time with her last week. This week is also going to be a busy week, but I am quite excited to be busy to be honest. I feel like the first few weeks of my holiday I've just been relaxing too much, so whenever I have something to do nowadays, I just get really excited! 

This is an outfit from last week, from when it was absolutely boiling outside. We apparently had a heatwave and I was sweating when I was just sitting down. Yes TMI, you're welcome. ;) Anyway I just wanted to wear something breezy and cool, which probably means that I shouldn't have worn black. Well I should've appreciated that weather more back then because we now have this really stormy, grey weather and it feels like autumn, I'm actually wearing a jumper, which is an item I would never even come close to last week!

17 July 2014


Zara jacket, Primark cami (similar), ASOS jeans, Birkenstock arizona's, Zara bag, Ray-Ban clubmaster

This an outfit I wore the other day when it was a little bit colder outside. I went into town with two of my bestest friends and we drank lots of bubble tea, my absolute favourite, ever! It's probably one of the things we always get when we're in town. We sometimes just go into town just for the bubble tea! Anyway we just strolled around town with our bubble teas and had a blast!