21 October 2014


H&M sweater, Primark midi skirt (similar), Nike Roshe Run trainers, ASOS scarf, Céline sunnies

This was Sunday's attire. It was pretty warm and I just felt like I needed to out the bare legs one more time, before it's actually winter. So I did. I got this beauty of a midi skirt out of my closet again and I just completely forgot how much I actually loved it. I chucked this sweater on top as it's just the best sweater to feel comfortable in. I do realise that I look like a tree in this jumper but I honestly couldn't care as it was a Sunday. Sundays are for comfort and for fun, so only easy-to-throw-on-clothes are allowed. No regrets. 

20 October 2014


H&M jacket (similar) and bag, Monki cropped jumper, Forever21 dress, ZARA boots, Céline sunnies

I haven't worn a dress in absolutely ages so every now and again I'd like to pop out a dress and maybe even a cropped jumper to wear over it. I bought this dress at Forever21 this summer but I've never even worn it! So now that it's starting to get colder, I try to wear dresses more often with tights. I've always loved that look for autumn so I'm trying to incorporate it more into my outfits again. Although I've thrown out most of my dresses, I'm sure there are still some black ones left where I can work with. 

17 October 2014


The original plan for today's post was to post an outfit, but I ended up absolutely hating the outfit that I shot and I don't want to post an oufit that I don't absolutely love myself. So instead of an outfit post, I'm doing a what's in my bag post instead. I am a really nosy person myself, so I naturally love to read/watch what's in my bag posts. 

So I'm currently carrying the H&M shopper around with me that you've seen in multiple outfits, such as this one. I got it halfway through September and I still absolutely love it. It's so easy to just throw stuff in when you're for example going shopping. 

The first thing you will find in my bag is a notebook. I just need to carry a notebook with me because it's usually when I'm out and about when I get my inspiration boost and since I've had way too many situations where I didn't bring one with me and just completely forgot my ideas, I felt like I could not let that happen again. This notebook is just a cheap one from but I can't remember where I got it from. Next in my bag you will probably find my diary. I like to be very organised so it's not really a surprise that I carry a diary around with me where I have all of my appointments, blog posts and lots of other notes written down. This diary is from De Bijenkorf, a big Dutch warehouse and you can get it here. Of course a pen can't be missed when writing down stuff so this is just a normal black BIC pen, which is my absolute favourite pen, ever.

Then there's the most important part. My wallet. Well this isn't really a wallet, but I use it for my cards because I mostly pay with cards. This one is just a really cheap purse from H&M. I really like the snakeskin on it which gives my normal, black situation in my purse a bit more of a va va voom. I couldn't find a link online but pretty much every H&M has these little purses near the jewellery section.

Sometimes I don't feel like wearing my contacts so when it's one of those days, I need to carry my glasses around with me, because let's be honest, I probably recognise family or friends walking around in the streets if I wouldn't be wearing glasses or contacts. So these glasses from My Optique from their London Retro collection. You can find the glasses here. And besides my normal glasses, I also have my sunglasses in my bag. These are my Céline Audrey sunglasses which I got from my parents for graduating high school, which was just the sweetest thing ever of them. I'm not sure where they got them, but I found a pair on stylebop.com here.

Of course my phone has to be in my bag, if it's not in my hand. I am such an addict to instagram and I blame my iPhone 5 for this. 

The last few things in my bag are just some make-up bits. I usually carry around this Carmex lipbalm that I absolutely love. It has been my go to product ever since I bought in Spain on holiday, when I forgot my lip balm. Every now and again I try to put on lipstick, because I want to be cool like that and this lipstick by Aritstry in Daring Red is currently hanging around in my bag. And the final thing that is in my bag, is this rollerball perfume from Zara. It's from their fragrance called fruity. To be brutally honest, I have never used this rollerball because I usually just tend to spray on a perfume in a store or something like that when I feel like I need a touch up. Yes I am that person

So I hope you all liked this what's in my bag post. I will be back to uploading another outfit tomorrow! Happy Friday and happy weekend! 

16 October 2014


H&M jacket (similar), Primark old shirt, ASOS jeans, Topshop slip ons, Ray-Ban clubmaster

Oh my god, Laura are you wearing colour? Yes, yes I am. It has been ages since I last wore anything that wasn't grey, black or white. So when I found this burgundy shirt hanging around in my closet, I decided it could come out to play. I need to start buying colour again as my closet is slowly turning into a monochrome box. So I need to stop living inside this monochrome box/tunnel vision and I need to start wearing colour again! And autumn might just be the perfect season for starting to wear colour since I like the autumnal colours

15 October 2014


H&M jacket (similar), Zara top, ASOS jeans, Converse All Stars, Ray-Ban clubmaster

I've woken up extra early this morning to do yoga, and even though my arms and abs feel like jelly, I really notice a difference in small things such as my behaviour. I've been really happy and maybe slightly annoying to some people (in a good way) today and I feel like eating healthy. Now that I started this yoga thing, I'm hoping to stick to it and not just quit after one go so these jeans can become even baggier by day. I bought these jeans unintentionally a bit too big, so they tend to slouch a bit around my knees and stuff but I really like how they look when I roll them up. It kind of makes me feel like I'm wearing boyfriend jeans. Which I totally can't pull off, but I wish I could.