2 September 2015


Okay, so I don't know where the month of August went to, but this month literally went by in a blink of the eye. Some months seem to just go on and on for ages and some months fly by. It's probably because I spent most of the month in another country. Without further or do, here is my August instagram activity.

Blog work on a sunny Saturday | Ready for my summer holiday with these gorgeous leather espadrilles from @sachashoes | Today's essentials | Rereading how to be Parisian because we all want to be stylish Parisians don't we? | Currently trying to pack, but Pretty Little Liars is distracting me

Aiport outfit; wearing mango skirt and top and Adidas superstar trainers | We're off to do some shopping and eat some yummy food now; wearing zara tee, mango shorts and bag and birkenstock arizona's | Last night's makeup | It's so nice and warm outside today | Pretty sure I could live here 

Just dropped my cousin off at the airport after having her here in Marbella | Spain's marble floors are my kinda heaven | Last night's makeup | Last night's outfit before I decided to spend all of my money in Zara | Sad to be leaving Marbella today

Shooting the new #eccosoft7 | Today's autumnal Antwerp essentials | Illustration of me made at the #eccosoft7 event; Mango bag | flatlay | Today's casual back to school outfit

You can follow me on instagram if you're interested to see what I am up to. My username is @styleandsushi or look at the hashtag #styleandsushi. Now that my summer's over, it's all back to business with uni starting this week. I can't wait for my next adventure. 

1 September 2015


ZARA tee (similar), Mango shorts (similar), Birkenstock Arizona sliders, Céline sunnies

This pretty much is my go to outfit whenever I am off to do something on holiday. I enjoy being comfortable most and comfort is always something that is an essential in any look of mine. This outfit therefore became one of my go to outfits. I didn't bring that many clothes with my on holiday, mostly just plain tee's, so that's basically what I wore most of my holiday. A basic tee with a pair of denim shorts, slide into those Birkenstock sliders and I am good to go. 

31 August 2015


ZARA dress (similar), Mango bag, Adidas Superstar trainers, Céline sunnies

I am so sorry for the little blog hiatus I had going on last week. I came back from my holiday in Marbella and only had one week of summer left before going back to uni. Therefore I wanted to enjoy summer as much as I could while it lasted. But uni started today and that means I need to get some kind of structure again. So here I am, with a brand new outfit blog post from my summer holiday in Marbella.

Summer 2015 will always include my love for this dress. I had to bring it with me on holiday to Marbella, as it's such an easy item to wear. I just threw this on when I didn't know what to wear for dinner, popped my Adidas underneath and was pretty much sorted. I literally got dressed and walked out the door without bothering to put make-up on, which pretty much is a "summer holiday perk" in my book.

26 August 2015


ZARA striped tee, Topshop leather shorts (similar), MANGO  bag, Sacha espadrilles, Céline sunnies

I am back from my holiday in Marbella, and managed to shoot some outfits in between all of the tanning and shopping I've done. This is the first outfit I shot in Marbella. It was a casual outfit dressed up with some leather-look shorts. Not really one of the best ideas I have had, since I was boiling in leather, but I liked the outfit. 

It's all back to normal now. I am going back to uni next week and can't believe that summer's nearly over. Although I love summer, I tend to enjoy autumn just as much. I can't wait to start wearing knits, greys and blacks again! 

25 August 2015


ASOS tee, ZARA shorts (similar), Mango bag, H&M sliders (similar)

This outfit is such a comfortable outfit. I rediscovered this tee that I got at asos back in March. Sometimes I just tend to loose clothes for a few months and then stumble across them again. This tee being one of them. 

It has been a few days since I got my hair cut, but I still have not washed it, hence why it's still not like my "normal" hair do. I like having the straight hair, but it feels weird. It doesn't feel like me. So I am planning on washing my hair as soon as possible, so I can style it how I like, aka make it really messy and spray lots of texturising spray in it.