30 March 2015


LOF Boutique coat (similar), ZARA tee, ASOS jeans, Forever 21 heels, Céline sunnies

Just another manic Monday running around like headless chicken. So throwing on anything that's close to being comfortable I will put on. My tips? Just put on a stripey tee like this one from ASOS and throw on a calf-length coat like I am wearing in today's post. Walk with confidence, and people won't even notice that you're actually running around like a headless chicken, unless they are your best friend and know and notice it when you try to pull of this trick! But they wouldn't be your best friend if they didn't notice, right?!

29 March 2015


Trying to think of anything eventful that happened in a week is hard. Especially when nothing eventful happened in a week. To be brutally honest, a lot happened this week, but it's all uni related - think arguments, stress and exams - and let's be honest, that's just boring to talk about!

I've been trying to keep and stick to a blogging schedule this past week, but that didn't turn out as good as I thought it would. I mainly think it's because I have been a bit uninspired lately. One of the reasons being the rainy, stormy and cold spring weather we've been experiencing here in Holland.

To fix my "being uninspired" problem,  I decided to go all out on ASOS. I literally spent all of my money on ASOS getting myself new spring clothes, including boyfriend jeans, another pair of black jeans, and lots of tees and shirts. Like I told you in this blog post I've been loving the military shirts lately, and so I bought two on ASOS. I also plan on getting that gorgeous Topshop Bomber I showed you in my wishlist post. So I literally spent all of my money in one go, but I feel like my inspiration will flow once I get all of these parcels!

So I have told you about me being uninspired and I tried to get some inspiration from other people on instagram, style and fashion blogs and tumblr, which usually works for me. Somehow I am in stuck in such an uninspiring place that all of the usual stuff didn't work. So what I would love to know is; where do you get your inspiration from? 

27 March 2015


Mango leather jacket, ZARA shirt, ASOS jeans, Adidas Superstar trainers, Black Five bag, Céline sunnies

Of course a week can't go by without me wearing my Adidas Superstar trainers. I love them so bloody much! I've been really into shirts lately. Normally I don't really like the feel of a shirt when I have to wear them all day. I'd rather be in a comfy jumper or a tee. However I have been loving my shirts lately. I think it all started with this Weekday shirt which is just gorgeous. I've been loving wearing shirts lately and found that if they actually are good quality, they aren't as uncomfortable as I thought they would be.

25 March 2015


LOF Boutique coat (similar), Monki shirt, ASOS leggings, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, ZARA bag (similar), Ray-Ban clubmaster

This might just be one of my favourite outfits I have worn this week/the past two weeks. I haven't really had time to properly reflect on what I wore during the last few weeks, but I remember "feeling" my look when I wore this outfit. I think the reason why I love this outfit so much is because of all the different textures in this outfit. You have the coat, then there's this gorgeous shirt from Monki that's made of a velvet-y kind of material, then you have the leather leggings and the pop of white from my favourite trainers ever. I am feeling this look and I am loving this kind of shirt lately, so I am hoping to get my hands on a few more of these military look-shirts, so I can combine them with my favourite leather look leggings. 

24 March 2015


Boohoo bomber jacket, Topshop boyfriend jeans, Topshop trenchcoat, SheInside coat
Topshop bomber jacket, Topshop heeled booties , Vans trainers, Topshop hat, Illesteva sunnies, Topshop bag

Topshop, you are one big ass bad influence on my wallet. There has been a constant cash flow going on between Topshop and I. Not only Topshop, but Boohoo and SheInside have been pretty bad too! I've been having a quick little look on SheInside and may or may not plan on buying this coat. It's such a good one for spring, and I basically feel a need to get another camel coat, because let's be honest; I totally need another coat, because I don't have a gazillion already! ;)