23 April 2014


zara jacket, eBay tee (similar), H&M skirt, Nike Free Runs, Primark bag, Ray-Ban clubmaster

I have been feeling a bit uninspired lately. Now that the weather is getting nicer and warmer in Holland, I discovered that there's barely any Springy/Summery clothes left in my closet, as I probably threw them out last Autumn. Anyway, my wardrobe was getting a mess because I was throwing clothes all around it because I just "couldn't find anything to wear". So I did a closet clear out yesterday, so it's really nice and organised again. 

I can't wait for pay day, because I'm getting my hands on a few items at Forever 21 and I feel like I need to hop into Primark again, because all of my basics magically disappeared. I honestly think our washing machine eats my clothes. 

21 April 2014


Zara jacket, Monki tee, asos jeans, Ray-Ban clubmaster, H&M bag, New Balance trainers, rings from Primark, asos, Pull and bear and vintage

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! I just got back from a lunch with my family and had an absolute blast! I'm always sad when Easter is over, it's one of my favourite Holidays of the year (mainly because of the chocolate). This is just a casual outfit as I went into town when I wore this and well you just have to be comfortable when you head into town, especially when it's just really busy! 

19 April 2014


Primark coat, Zara cami (similar), ASOS leggings, Sacha boots (similar), H&M bag, vintage sunnies (similar)

I thought I'd whip this beauty of a coat out again, as I haven't worn it in absolute ages. I'm basically living in my leather jackets ever since the weather got nice and sunny. This was just an all black outfit and I really love how this pink coat just gives the whole outfit a pop of colour!

17 April 2014


Zara jacketMonki dress (similar), Ray-Ban clubmaster, H&M bag, Primark scarf, New Balance trainers

This dress. It disappears in my closet, but every time I wear it, I am reminded of how gorgeous it is. Even with these trainers. I'm in love with this outfit, it's perfect for a chilly Spring outfit. I'm surprised with how good this outfit looks with the trainers, as I'm normally not really a big lover of the whole dresses with trainers combo, but this looks pretty gooood! 

16 April 2014


Weekday sweatshirt (similar), Topshop skirt, Primark bag, Sacha boots (similar, similar), vintage sunnies (similar)

Weekday has got to be one of my favourite stores at this moment. It's a store that's located in Amsterdam but you also can order stuff of them online! I bought this sweatshirt when I went to Amsterdam last month and I honestly can't get over how soft it is. So have a look at Weekday if you can, because my wishlist is getting endlessly long ;) Not so good for my saving up for the summer holiday plan, but pretty good for my closet.