4 March 2015


LOF Boutique coat (similar), COS tee,  ASOS jeans, Nike Roshe Run trainers, ZARA bag, Céline sunnies

This is what I wore last Friday when I went to Amsterdam with my friends. I opted for something comfortable and casual. Nike Roshe Run are a must wear if you're ever going shopping. After we did some shopping last week, we decided to roam around the canals and just soak up some of the Amsterdam culture. The older I get, the more I start to appreciate this city. I used to never really like Amsterdam as I had a horrible experience when I went there on my own for the first time. So now that I come to different spots in Amsterdam more often, I am really starting to see how enjoyable it is to visit Amsterdam. I am starting to know my way around which is always a plus! 

3 March 2015


Ahhh it's March. I am so excited that it's March; if you haven't noticed already as I have been talking about March and spring in the last two posts. Now that February, my birthday month is over it was obligatory to do another style and sushi on instagram post! So here it is!

My bag is a mess | Had so much fun at the @benefitnetherlands event | Making flatlays is starting to become a hobby of mine | Happy Sunday! It's my birthday today! I'm 18, finally!! | Just came back from a yummy dinner with friends! So good to catch up

So many lovely birhtday presents from long lost twin @Islaay!! Thank you babe, I miss youuu!! | I went out for a birthday dinner again, I swear my life isn't always this eventful! | Feeling very inspired so writing down all of my outfit ideas for upcoming blog posts | Pretty marble platters to keep pretty jewellery on | Weekend vibes with friends

The morning after ... | #latergram from the weekend, 'cause I'm stuck in bed with a stomach flu | Could really use summer right about now | Make you banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend now | My little Apple family

Currently wishing I was in London for fashion week | I caved okay | Life is good today | I'm a big sucker for packaging | Amsterdam, you were lovely! 

This month literally flew by. I remember going to the Benefit event early February like it was yesterday! Don't forget to follow @styleandsushi on instagram to have a sneak peek into my life! 

2 March 2015


Mango leather jacket, Weekday shirt, ASOS jeans, Zara boots, Céline sunnies

Now that it's spring it felt obligatory to wear some kind of stripe for the first outfit post of this season. If you've been following my blog for ages you would know that stripes are my dresscode. I used to live in stripey tops and dresses during spring and summer last year. Now that spring has sprung I feel like I am ready to dive back into my unhealthy obsession with stripes. So the first outfit of spring began with a vertical striped shirt from Weekday; that I, of course, adore. Which has a perfect minimal and masculine cut. Perfect for the transitional weather.

1 March 2015


First of all; Happy March! Happy (nearly) spring. We survived winter and it's finally reasonable to get some clothes for summer. This week I am cramming two Sunday posts into one as I didn't do one last week due to my lack of time.

So to start of the week before last week I was sent a gift card from a restaurant called La Place, which is such a good quick restaurant if you're in a hurry or when you're on a shopping trip and want to get some yummy and cheap lunch/dinner. I went for a rather large Iced coffee (which was necessary for a Monday) and a sandwich with pulled pork. It was so tasty and I had a big food baby afterwards. I really shouldn't have gotten such a large sandwich. But if you're ever in The Netherlands, on the hunt for a cheap, quick and yummy restaurant I'd highly recommend La Place!

Later that week I finally discovered why one of my camera lenses isn't working properly. Turns out that whenever the weather is too gray and rainy this lens will act up. So this lens can only be used during the dreamy blue sky days; or summer holidays.

Last Friday I went to Amsterdam with my friends. We had a little road trip up to Amsterdam and went shopping, roamed around the new Topshop in Amsterdam and finally ended up walking along the canals of Amsterdam. Something that a lot of tourists also seemed to do. We unintentionally strolled by the "Fault in our stars bench" and overal had a lovely day; Of course I couldn't leave Amsterdam empty handed, so I did some shopping at Topshop and & Other Stories; outfit photos with these items coming soon!

These past two weeks have been very uneventful, besides the little trip to Amsterdam of course! I am exhausted from work from yesterday so plan on staying in bed today as long as possible. Trying to avoid reality as long as I can and if I really have to face reality today, I'm sure I'll end up sitting on a sofa sipping on some tea while reading my books and magazines and maybe even have a little snooze. Ahhh Sundaze ha see what I did there!

28 February 2015


ZARA coat, COS tee (in white), ASOS jeans, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Céline sunnies

You know those days where you just can't be arsed to get ready; but you have to because you have plans? The day that I wore this outfit was one of those days. I wasn't feeling my vibe at all. I was tired and my feet were sore from the many wounds caused by wearing the wrong pair of shoes. I felt weird and kind of anxious. That's when I tend to just grab anything that looks semi-comfortable out of my closet. I ended up with an all black outfit so to give it a bit more colour, I decided to pair them with my new, I know I am sorry, Adidas Stan Smith trainers and of course my beloved Céline Audrey sunnies to hide those bags.