26 April 2015


This week turned out to be a bit more hectic than expected. I had uni, went to a press day, planned a quick trip to Amsterdam to get birthday presents for a friend and had more uni. Uni was hectic so we ended the week of stress on Friday while lounging at a beach club.

On Tuesday I decided to go to the Blosh PR press day and I quickly had to switch from S/S to A/W Season to look at all the clothes, shoes and accessoires. After a quick browse I fell completely and utterly in love with this leather jacket from a brand called Suncoo and I kind of feel the need to buy the jacket when it's the right time of year! ;)

I really had to switch back to the S/S set of mind after the press day as it's going to be summer soon. So before I get ahead of myself and decide that I want autumnal weather so I can wear layers again, I decided to do a little spot of shopping at Topshop with a friend to get some more summer appropriate pieces. I am really getting into the summer state of mind and am trying to gradually build up a summer appropriate closet including lots of whites, blacks and greys. So summer, if you don't mind, just start showing your face so the legs can come out and play in summer whites, blacks and greys!

25 April 2015


Episode vintage jacket (similar), ZARA tee, ASOS jeans, H&M shoes, Céline sunnies

Every now and again I tend to wear colours. Not often, but it can happen. So when I wore an all black outfit the other week, I decided I wanted to wear colour. I picked up this really old Episode vintage camo jacket that I found lying around in my closet and decided to work it. Especially since I am loving the whole khaki trend but don't have that much khaki in my wardrobe, I opted for camo. Which, I think, looks pretty alright! I used to wear this jacket all day every day about two/three years ago, but then grew sick of it! But I think it's allowed to make a few more appearances on the blog.

21 April 2015


ZARA tee, Mango trousers, H&M shoes, QUAY x Shay Mitchell sunnies, watch was a gift 

I decided to dress up like a little boy. At least I felt like I was a little boy wearing this outfit. The trousers and the shoes made me feel a lil' boyish and the white tee made it casual. I am a big fan of the androgyn looks on other people, the simplicity and manliness is just a dream. But I never really thought it would suit me, as most of the people who rock this look have lusciously long legs and don't have the big bottom I have. So with this outfit I am slowly but surely getting out of that comfort zone of being afraid of the boyish look and I think I like it! 

20 April 2015


H&M (old) coat (similar) and dress (similar), Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Black Five bag, Céline sunnies

I have had the day off today and Mondays really aren't so bad when you don't have any obligations. So today I spent most of my day relaxing and working my tan. Of course I had to go out bare legged, because, as you can see, my legs are really pale and they really need to get a bit of a tan too. I have been loving soaking up all the vitamin D lately and it kind of made me want to dress up in lots of light colours. Which could be considered as a first! Both of the things I am wearing are form last years collection from H&M and now that I am obsessed with wearing t-shirt dresses I am kind of hoping to still get across one of these because it's the perfect fit and length for me! 

19 April 2015


Today has been spent with my brother, we went into town, grabbed a coffee, catched up and eventually ended up in Zara because I had to pick up my order of basic t-shirts. Classic. Then we went to an IKEA like store to get some stuff for his house and went home.

Ever since I got home I've been reading about photography in this book that I got in London. It's called Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs by Henry Caroll and I plan on finishing this book tonight! I love learning new stuff about photography and I have this really cool idea for a blog project but it involves quite some camera skills and since I barely know anything about it, this book comes in pretty handy!