Laura Groenewoud

Style and Sushi is written by a 20-year-old online shopping enthusiast who spends way too much time looking at brands she can't afford. I started my blog Style and Sushi back in 2011, when I was only 14 years old, because I wanted to document my style changes and write about the things I love. Over the past few years that I have had this blog, my blog is a collection of all the things that I love and like to write about.

I would love to say that I am a fashion blogger, but I would rather say that I am a personal style blogger. I don't necessarily follow the latest trends, I like to keep my style minimal.

Style and Sushi started out as a personal style blog, but I soon discovered my love for photography, beauty and lifestyle which I try to incorporate onto the Style and Sushi. All categories that have been blogged about on Style and Sushi can be found under the more tab.

PR Samples/Gifts: I've been blogging for over about three years now and as a result I am fortunate enough to receive PR samples and gifts from brands. However the majority of items shown on Style and Sushi are purchased with my own money.

I truly aim to give you a clear and honest insight into the products I use and will only mention products if I like them, as I would never want anyone to waste their money on something I wouldn't buy myself. Even if an item has been given to me it will only ever make an appearance on the blog if I actually use it and would want to repurchase that item/think it would be helpful to you and, in the aim of transparency, it will always be marked with a "*" or a "c/o" behind the item of usage

Sponsored Content: Sponsored posts may occasionally appear on Style and Sushi, however these will always be clearly marked, again with a little note at the end saying "Please note that this is a sponsored post" . This is a real rarity and all posts will remain relevant, honest and be written by me, containing my own opinions unless stated otherwise.

With all sponsored content, I will only ever accept a brief that I feel fit with Style and Sushi, and will never review something for the sake of it. It has to fit the content of my blog and I have to like it, otherwise I would not waste your time on something that I don't 100% love.

Photos/Content/Design: All photos and content are taken and created by me unless otherwise stated. My blog design was made by kayluxedesign and I've altered it a bit myself. 


  1. I utterly adore your blog! You have gained yourself yet another follower! :)


    Hazzie xo

  2. wow I love what you wear: you are a inspiration to style for girls who are not stick thin xxxxxxxx

  3. I had no idea you were only 16 and that you lived in the Netherlands, I feel somehow so much more connected to you now, haha! (I'm from Belgium and I'm 15.) x

  4. Wow, ben jij nog maar 17? Ik dacht dat je veel ouder zou zijn! Ik vind je blog echt superleuk, kijk er bijna elke dag wel op. Keep up the good work!


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