2 September 2012

It's sunday, and you know what that means! Another instagram diary! Can you believe it is September already?! I've started school last Wednesday and I already am completely exhausted, I am looking forward to my next holiday!

What are you looking at:
Pretty Wednesday morning // A healthy lunch // Pretty boy I found on Tumblr // My outfit for my second day of school // Babysitting, have you seen that my feet look mahusive in these vans? // My ASOS order planned to be delivered // got my Asos delivery the next morning // My tennis shoes // Watching the tennis matches of my family after playing 3 matches myself // My bright red hat from Asos // My cousin found the camera on my iPhone, isn't she adorable!! // Smarties nom nom nom

So that's it for this week's instagram. I'll have an early night tonight 'cause I have school tomorrow again! And I'll be at school until 4 mehh :( What are you up to next week? Are you getting back to school?



  1. Lovely photos :D I start college tomorrow, I would much rather be going back to school haha! xx


  2. I like these style posts!


  3. I LOVE smarties :) That sandwich looks super tasty too! x

  4. Cute photos, vooral je neefje is erg schattig!


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