16 October 2013

H&M  jacket, eBay shirt, Topshop jeans, unknown shoes, Primark beanie (similar), Daniel Wellington watch

I had a really, really annoying day today at school, but I'm not going to moan about it on my blog, as I have far better topics to talk about. First off I want to tell you guys that I ordered the first thing from the giveaway that I will be hosting in December today, so that's really exciting! I am really excited to be doing this again! I feel like I need to reward you I want to reward all of you because you keep reading my blog, but especially because I have been getting a whole lot of love lately, especially from my blog followers, so I wanted to do something nice for you all! 


  1. Great look babe, nice to see the Beanie is back out :D
    Giveaway sounds good, i'll definitely be keeping an eye out x

  2. Gave outfit mooi met die beanie en t leren jasje!
    Ben benieuwd naar je give away!

    Liefs 1310bynora.com

  3. I hope everything is ok with you at school :) It's so lovely that you're doing a giveaway!


  4. Sorry about your annoying day! Hopefully it gets better! Love that top on you!

  5. Hele mooie outfit weer, je jasje is zoo mooi! Ben benieuwd naar je give-away! Spannend :)


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