10 September 2014

H&M sweatshirt, ASOS jeans, Vans trainers, CĂ©line sunnies

Here's my second look from the 'Back to School lookbook' I'm doing on Style and Sushi. The lookbook outfits that I'm posting aren't that different than my usual outfits, as I am all for comfort, especially at school! 
So the second look is just a really comfy lazy day kinda outfit. I totally would wear this on Mondays, just because Monday are the worse, or when I'm at school until late, which in my case happens to be on Monday as well. These kind of sweatshirts/jumpersare are kinda big right now so I could not not get this beauty from H&M! It was such a bargain and I've been living in it since it came as it is just the softest thing EVER! 

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