7 October 2014

Zara jacket, ASOS top and jeans, H&M slip ons, Celine sunnies

Ever since I saw Meg from Pages by Megan rocking this turtle neck I knew I had to get it myself. So last week I ordered this beauty and I can't wait to see how else I will style this. I always have to get used to wearing turtle necks. I'm not really a big lover of a tighter neckline but I just felt like I needed to try this out, I needed to get out of my comfort zone. This turtle neck top is perfect for now as I can wear it with coats and I don't have to wear a scarf to stay warm. How would you style this top?


  1. laura you're so flippin cool i love your top also i haven't said yet how lovely your hair looks - it looks amazing! xx

  2. i've been wanting a turtleneck like that and now i want it even more - you look gorgeous in it and that leather jacket is peeerfect!



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