6 January 2015

Zara coat, ASOS jeans, Nike Roshe Run trainers, H&M bag, Céline sunnies

I got back from London very early on Monday morning thanks to a massive delay at the airport on Sunday evening. London was blimming amazing and this is what I wore the first day, when we arrived in London. I chose to wear something cosy and comfortable, since I had only slept for like, two hours on Friday morning. So what do you where when you lack on sleep? You choose an all black outfit, of course. It was the perfect outfit for the things we did on Friday, but I won't be telling you about that until later this week, because I've got lots of photos and lots of exciting this I have to show and tell you about!


  1. London is so so greaaat! Love the outfit babe x

  2. Gorgeous outfit!! I absolutely love your blog!!:) Definitely following you <3 X


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