23 March 2015

Mango leather jacket, Mango trousers, ZARA tee, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Quay x Shay sunnies

It was about time that I wore these trousers combined with a stripey tee and my Stan Smiths to uni. Whenever I wear these Stan Smiths I just feel really bad ass. Don't know why, maybe because they're still this clean and white, maybe because I've been eyeing them up for such a long time. Who knows... Do you have a piece of clothing that you feel really "bad ass" in?

I have been day dreaming about lots of different clothes lately and now I can't help and count down the days until pay day. I feel like I am not ready for spring weather yet, clothing wise. I still need to get my hands on white shirts, boyfriend jeans and there were lots of other things on my wishlist, which will be up soon! 


  1. Love love love this look! The sneakers really go well with your leather jacket :) I bought a pair of super stars and I need to wear them with a striped shirt soon!

    be the plebeian

  2. I loveeee your leather jacket! I've been trying to find one and yours is perfect. :)

    The Style Roll

  3. Okay so those sunglasses are bladdy awesome! xo


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