19 March 2015

Mango leather jacket, Weekday jumper (similar), ASOS jeans, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, H&M bag, CĂ©line sunnies

This is my go-to outfit for when I'm at uni. A pair of jeans that are comfy, preferably including  ripped knees, so they're even more comfortable, a casual top, my leather jacket and my big H&M shopper bag with my laptop and books and stuff like that in there. Topping it off with my Stan Smiths and I am comfortable while being in class all day. The hours at uni have been rather long lately, so I am longing for as much comfort as possible and this pretty much does the job. The only downside to this is that I think that this top shrunk in the washing machine. I remember buying this top last summer and it definitely was a bit longer than it is now. Darn it... And Weekday don't sell it anymore! *Insert sad looking emoji*


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