15 April 2015

H&M coat and shoes, COS tee (similar), ASOS leather look leggings, CĂ©line sunnies

H&M is absolutely rocking it at the moment. I am loving their coats and jackets and am hoarding all of their basics for summer and let's not forget about their shoes. Yes I am talking about these shoes again. I just can't help it. I am utterly and completely in love with these shoes and after eyeing this beauty of a coat up in H&M for a good month and a half I also decided to cave and get this coat, because let's be honest. It's absolutely gorgeous isn't it?! Expect the coat and the shoes on the blog a lot more. A lot lot more. H&M you are killing it with your items and I am afraid to go back.


  1. so gorgeous, I'm such a stripe fiend! You look bladdy amazing xo

  2. gosh the coat is amazing and those shoes are killer too! need to visit H&M ASAP!
    xx ish
    Tiny Heart Beats

  3. Yassss, I love the shoes and this whole outfit! <3

    The Style Roll

  4. Ah those shoes are amazing, loving this outfit x


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