12 May 2015

H&M duster coat (similar) and t-shirt dress (similar), Adidas Superstar trainers, CĂ©line sunnies

Procrastinating seems to be new thing for me. I've been putting everything off lately for no real reason. All I want to do is lie in bed, read books and catch up on Scandal. So if I'm not trying to procrastinate as much as possible, I run errands. Since the weather finally decided to be a bit better again, I went for my t-shirt dress and duster coat. It's my go to outfit when the weather is allowing me to go out bare legged! 


  1. I am always procrastinating lately too... love this look lady x

  2. Love this outfit! Your duster is gorgeous! X

  3. Dit soort outfits staan jou altijd zo goed! X

  4. I have this jacket and it's my absolute FAVE! You look a bladdy delight missy xo


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