9 June 2015

H&M coat (similar), All Saints tee, ASOS jeans, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Monki bag

The weather has been very up and down lately. Last week I was able to wear a dress and go bare legged to school, however today I am chilling in one of my comfiest, most ugly sweaters I own. Oh summer. But seriously, The Netherlands has this quite often during summer and something like this is my go to outfit for when it's summer but it's still quite cold. Just throw on a light coloured duster coat and your outfit will instantly look kind of summer-ish

I am currently in the middle of my exam week and have a project due to tomorrow. These exam weeks always fly by like it's nothing while I am stressing the life out of me. So this time next week I am hoping to have finished everything uni related so too can finally start celebrating summer. If summer would let me of course!


  1. Oh my gosh, so chic babe! Absolutely classic and beautiful as always x

  2. loves this outfit especially the top and stan smith I recently took the plunge and bought a pair and I don't regret it at all they are so comfortable. Good luck with your exams

  3. Sounds like summer over here! It was so warm yesterday and it's freezing this morning. Love the outfit though xx


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