3 July 2015

H&M cami top, Mango shorts (similar), BooHoo shoes (similar), ZARA bag

Somehow my legs don't want to get tan at all this summer. I've been tanning for a good week now, with the heat wave, but my legs just don't seem to want to tan compared to the rest of my body. So while I am trying to work that tan, specifically on the legs, I am also writing down blog posts for when I will be on holiday next month. I like to think that I am prepared with the blog posts, but I know I will leave it until the last minute, just like last year. 

I have been loving the cami tops again, they're such a summer wardrobe staple for me. I got this one in Amsterdam about a month ago, and I adore it. It's so comfortable! Although slightly too big, so I might have to pick another one up in a size down. 

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  1. love a good cami top, luuuurve this outfit x


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