1 August 2015

ZARA tee, Mango shorts, Nike Air Max Thea trainers, ZARA bag

I feel like I rave about stripes every time I include some kind of stripe in an outfit I wear. When I went into town with one of my friends the other day we were browsing around in Zara and my friend walked up to a stripey t-shirt. All I said was, oh I have that tee! I LOVE it! She laughed it off and walked away with the t-shirt in her hands. After a good five minutes of strolling around in Zara, she came across yet another striped t-shirt. Felt it, kinda liked it and then I went "Oh I have that tee, it's really comfortable!" I walked along and all of a sudden I heard a burst of laughter behind me. My friend was laughing at me and then it hit me. My name is Laura. I have a confession to make. I own nearly every striped t-shirt at Zara and I have a problem. It's a bit scandalous isn't it?


  1. Hey girl, which size did you get in that tee? i wanna order it online and have the same body type as you, but you can never be too sure with zara sizing. thanks a bunch x

    1. I bought it in a size M :) xx

    2. Thank you so much :) ordering it right now !

  2. Love the t-shirt! No shame in loving stripes, they're timeless! x



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