9 September 2015

The Marbella series seems endlessly long, and I can't help but drool when I go through these photos. I had such an amazing time and I really miss this particular holiday! We had the most amazing sunset on one of the days while we were there and I had to photograph it. It looked so dark and dubious and as you can see in the photograph, it felt like the horizon was on fire. Let's not start about all things marble in Spain, because I am in love.  


  1. Wow that looked so fun!!! the buildings are so lovely. Would you recommend this for a grad trip?

    1. You definitely could go there for a grad trip! I love Marbella and have been going there ever since I was little. They have really fun night clubs but if you're looking for a cheap grad trip I wouldn't really recommend it as Marbella is quite expensive!

  2. I love posts like this and I really like your style of photography. I would love to see more posts like this :) xxx


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