20 September 2015

Food festivals seem to be around a lot during this time of the year. I've been to two already and I still have one food festival planned. Last week I went to TREK, a food festival near my house. I went with my cousin and I don't think we ever ate this much food. We always split our food so we can have more food so we had paella, burgers, hotdogs and tortilla's. Just thinking about it makes me all full again.

If you're ever aware of a food festival happening around you, I'd say go!! It's so much fun to taste all these different foods and just hang around people. We went home when it started raining, but luckily enough we got to see a little bit of sunset with all the fun little lights. It gives such a fun and yet relaxed atmosphere that I just absolutely love, but that might just be because I love food so much. Maybe being around this much food has that effect on me.

Have you ever been to a food (truck) festival before?


  1. I've never been to a food festival! To say how much I adore food, it comes at quite a shock really. I will put that on my to do list...

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Oooh I love food festivals. I went to the London Coffee Festival a while ago and ate ALL the coffee themed foods. Best day ever. xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  3. I recently went to a beer and ale festival and it was amazing! (I am biased, I worked one day but still!) I'm always up for days like this! x
    TrudyJohanna x

  4. Ben nog nooit naar een food festival geweest maar het lijkt me heel leuk :)


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