14 September 2015

Primark coat, ZARA tee and trousers, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Monki bag

This is such a comfortable and go to outfit whenever I am lost of what to wear. I just put on this pair of trousers, knowing they will be very comfortable. They look good with pretty much anything, so when I came across this Primark "coatigan" about two weeks ago, I had to pick it up, knowing it might look good with outfits like these. Two weeks in and I am in love with this coat. I have been living in this coat ever since and I have no regrets. I am pretty sure they're the best €26 I spent, which isn't that hard since I spent most of my money this month on food anyway.


  1. Looove die jas, heb je die pasgeleden gekocht? :)X

  2. That coat looks so cozy, I need something like that for the cold days coming!
    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  3. Love this look <3


  4. LOVE the coat on you! xx



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