6 July 2016

It was really quite hot the other day, so I wanted to get my legs out as I spend most of my day working from home. I have been planning a few posts for when I leave on holiday. It's like a little than less of a month away, but I like to be prepared and to plan everything ahead of time, because I usually just leave things until last minute and hate myself for it the night before I leave because I still have a million things to do. So instead of doing extremely wild and fun things with friends all day every day, I spend most of my mornings prepping photos and blog posts that I really hope you'll enjoy!

Are you a planner? Or do you leave things until last minute? Because I usually try to plan, but end up leaving it until last minute anyway, which is so bad!

What I'm wearing: 
Zara blazer (similar)
Topshop cami top (similar)
Mango denim shorts (in white)
Adidas Stan Smith trainers
Mango bag
Céline sunnies


  1. I'm definitely *not* a planner! I always leave things until the last minute. Packing in advance is my worst nightmare, and I just throw any clean clothes I can find into a suitcase, usually 10 minutes before leaving for the airport.
    These photos are stunning :) I love those sunnies on you! x Alona


    1. Thank you babe! Hahaha same! I try, but fail miserably! ;) xx


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