5 October 2016

I only just got around to going through all of my holiday pics. These pics are from Benahavis, a cute little town in the mountains that is only ten minutes away from Marbella. It's always such a pleasure to go back here, as Benahavis is such a lovely, calm and quiet town full of nice people. We usually wander around the city for a bit and get ourselves a drink and some lunch and then head back home for a swim. Because Benahavis is a city in the mountains it gets quite hot during the day, so after spending an hour or two in Benahavis, we usually drive back home to get a swim.

This town is one of my favourite towns in the south of Spain, I love how tranquil it is and like I said before, the people are so kind! If you're ever in the south of Spain, near Marbella, I would highly recommend going to visit this cute little town in the mountains. Those mountains look amazing!


  1. This is the cutest little town! It's so nice to come out of the tourist areas every once and while and experience authentic culture. Lovely photos.

    The Crown Wings

    1. So cute right?! Exactly! I love to experience the authentic culture in this little town! :) xx


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