19 December 2016

This is the last outfit before I go into full on Christmas-mode on the blog. This is an outfit I wore a few weekends back when I went to have coffee with my friend on a Saturday morning. I am not a morning person, especially in the weekends. I like to have the longest lie in ever and then start doing things. That however wasn't the plan when I went to get coffee with my friend, so I wanted to wear something comfy and cozy while catching up with her.

I decided that I wanted to wear something comfortable, so I went for this really cozy jumper from ZARA, which I had mentioned in my recent Five Favourites post already. I love how oversized this is, especially the sleeves. I can just get away with putting my hands in my sleeves now because it's trendy to now have clothes with extremely long sleeves. I paired them with my leather look leggings and my biker coat and boots to give the outfit a bit more of a 'cool' vibe.

What I'm wearing:
H&M coat
ZARA jumper
Rebecca Minkoff bag


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