5 January 2017

This is the outfit that I originally planned on wearing on New Years Eve. Sadly enough I ended up spending the evening in bed, sleeping the flu off. So I only just now got around to showing this outfit. I am currently really having a moment with dresses and skirts. Back in the day, and I am talking back in 2013 or something, I used to wear skirts and dresses. Somewhere along the way of high school I lost that girly side and only wore skirts and dresses on special occasions.

I'm still like this now. I only really like to wear skirts and/or dresses on special occasions, but I have been really trying to wear dresses more often, especially during the summer season! But, I wanted to get myself a few dresses for Christmas last year and ended up with this beautiful dress from Missguided! I paired it with a leather jacket and some really old, ASOS boots that I got myself around two years ago!

What I'm wearing
leather jacket (similar)
MissGuided dress (similar)
ASOS boots (similar)


  1. te leuk met die panty! ik heb er ook een met stippen, maar nog niet aangehad. ziet er toch echt wel leuk uit :)


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