1 May 2017

Happy Monday! We have had some spring-like weather yesterday. April probably has been one of the cooler, let's just say cold, months we have had in a long while! April usually comes with lots of blossoms, me dying of hay fever and the weather being really nice. However this past month, I feel like I have only been wearing jumpers because it's been so cold. 

So it is that I got to enjoy some more spring-like weather on the last day of April. So to 'celebrate' that the weather is finally getting better, I wore a midi skirt. I am always a lover of midi skirts, especially during the spring/summer season. I love how chic midi skirts always look, but usually dress them down. I usually put some trainers on and wear a tee. This time I wore my AC/DC tee and styled it with a leather jacket because it was still a bit chilly. I feel like the leather jacket and this band tee really give my outfit that bit of an edge that I always like and try to incorporate into my style. 

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 leather jacket
H&M tee (similar)
Mango midi skirt (similar)
Adidas Stan Smith trainers
Stradivarius bag (similar)

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