30 June 2014

Persunmall jacket*, Zara shirt, ASOS jeans, Nike free runs, Ray-Ban clubmaster 

I've been lacking on the posts again lately. I did shoot outfit photos but I wasn't happy with the end result and I never want to post a blog post on Style and Sushi that I don't 100% sure of. So that's why there has been a 3-day gap in between this post and the last outfit post. Whenever I feel like I am not happy with the post I want to post on my blog, it feels like a big let down as I preferably would like to post an amazing blog post everyday. But I have been realising that quality is much better than quantity, which means that I now am a lot more picky when it comes to not only styling outfits, but also to shooting locations. 

Now to the outfit, this is the outfit I wore yesterday at my family tennis tournament. I wanted to be comfortable afterwards too, so I decided to go for my favourite ASOS jeans and a plain shirt, which made me think that I don't own too many plain white shirts and black shirts are completely lacking in my wardrobe. So after going through a shock/horror state I went in after realising this, I am now on the hunt for a plain white shirt, a plain black shirt and a stripey shirt. I feel like these items are staples so I am off into town later today to hunt down these items. I really should get a job as I am spending my time in town because I am so lost at what else to do in my spare time, especially now that I have lots of spare time!


  1. its a great outfit girl!
    lots of kisses
    today i have the most beautiful susnet in my life, i think you'll like it

    MONDAY NEW OUTFIT: atlantic sunset

  2. Jah k snap je wel een beetje heb dat soms ook! Ben er niet altijd heel erg mee bezig maar als k zelf twijfel dan gaat t ook niet online idd! Vind deze outfit wel super leuk! En dat vest heerlijk!

    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com


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