18 September 2014

Zara tee, H&M jacket (similar) and bag (in stores now), ASOS jeans, Birkenstock Arizona's and CĂ©line sunnies

I honestly had so much fun shooting this outfit with one of my best friends. I used to get really shy and uncomfortable when there was people walking around in the streets, but I am slowly overcoming it and now whenever people make comments, they're usually really really funny! When we shot this an older couple walked by and the man made such a funny comment that we both couldn't stop laughing at! I love that I am starting to love enjoying on the streets more, especially since there are beautiful locations like these right in this town, which I never even guessed! 


  1. I really love your sandals

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  2. Aah ik vind de arizona's zo leuk! En leuke locatie voor de foto's! :)


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