1 November 2014

Oh my goodness, it's November, it will be December next month which means that Christmas is getting closer!! I'm so excited. Since October has come to an end, that also means that there's a new instagram post up on Style and Sushi.

Soft and cozy jumpers and zara fragrances are my life right now | Got a haircut and I'm in love! | The first cosy jumper came out to play today | Stuck in bed with the flu

So I jumped on that bandwagon | Rainy Day | Favourite place in town | Sweather weather

I may have found THE ONE | Wearing a flannel and leather jacket on this cold and rainy day | One of my favourite things about A/W - the hair tuck - in either a jumper or scarf. Perfect for when you can't be bothered to do your hair | Running errands

Rocking a midi skirt today | Got my macaron fix all the way from Paris | Today I'm rocking a midi dress and trainers | Routine

Sunday funday; treat yourself | It's late October and the Birks came out to play | Just been to the Blosh PR press day | Today I'm rocking a turtleneck 

So that's October on my instagram. Don't forget to follow @styleandsushi on instagram here


  1. It's crazy that it's November already isn't it!? I swear this year has just flown by! xx


  2. November en December zijn altijd zulke gezellige maanden, heerlijk:)
    Mooie foto's allemaal!


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