6 March 2015

Now that it's March I am starting to get summer into my head and with that comes taking care of the body again. That sounds weird; but I meant it was about time that I start moisturising again. So the first favourite is this Almond shower gel from The Body Shop. It's so moisturising and smells amazing!

The next favourite is a birthday gift that I got for myself, sad I know. It's this book called It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be by Paul Arden. It's a concise guide of to making the most of yourself, which is just a really lovely and affordable read.

My Calvin Klein bra came on as soon as I got home. I'm a big comfort person and love to snuggle up in cosy pyjama's when I get home. So this Calvin Klein bra has been the perfect to all lay around in on a weekend morning!

The watch that I've been loving this month is a birthday gift from Islay.  I am not exactly sure where it's from but Islay told me that it was a great (and cheap) alternative to the Daniel Wellington watches, which I adore.

The last item I've been loving in February is, again, a body care product. It's this handlotion by & Other Stories in the scent Ginger Wishes. I got it on sale when I went on a little shopping trip to Amsterdam in January and I love it. It's a lovely scent and does the job!


  1. Love that book, so inspirational <3 Thanks for sharing this post, it's lovely!

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