20 May 2015

Forever 21 coat, COS tee, ASOS jeans, BooHoo shoes, Mango clutch 

What a surprise, I am wearing a different colour than black or black and white! I combined grey into it all and I kind of like the look of it! I feel like now that it's really starting to get warmer I like to incorporate some whites into my wardrobe and I feel like a white duster coat in white is the perfect solution for this. I would usually go for a black (duster) coat, but I - like I said - absolutely love summer whites and want think this might just be my new summer thing! Speaking of my love for summer whites, it also came to mind that I haven't done my Spring/Summer wardrobe essentials post yet this year, but I've had this post ready for ages, so finally expect that post going up this week!


  1. Love the coatt! Mooie look :)

    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com

  2. Love the white coat!:) X

  3. You look gorgeous, this outfit is so stylish!!

    I have a new post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  4. i love how you stick to black and white!

    Aine Oh

  5. Your style is great! I really love your shoes x


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