14 August 2015

COS tee, MANGO shorts, ZARA bag, Sacha pistol boots

Wore a red lip twice in a row now. I have grown to be very fond of red lips nowadays. A red lip gives me that 'chic' Parisan vibe that I would love to have. Include a few more stripes and I totally will pretend to be French. I'll even throw in some French terms like 'Oui' 'Je voudrais une pain au chocolat' and 'Bonjour/bonsoir'. Turns out I did pick a few things up while doing absolutely anything but speaking in French in French class back in high school. I would like to think that this is a 'summery' version of the stripey tee, black trouser Parisian style, because I just want to be as cool as the Parisians.

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