25 September 2015

Mango leather jacket (similar), ZARA jumper (similar), H&M jeans, Forever21 backpack, Adidas Superstar trainers

I wore this outfit yesterday, when the weather was a whole lot different than today. In my opinion today's the perfect autumn day with clear blue skies and a bright sun. Yesterday was wet, cold and very rainy. I got soaked while driving home from uni. I decided to go for this camel jumper for this dreary day. I bought this jumper around this time last year, but I haven't really worn it because it's so itchy. Wool makes me itch, very much! So I usually wear a tee underneath it to stop myself from dying of itchiness. Also, how pretty is my new backpack? It's from Forever21 and a total Stella McCartney Falabella backpack look-alike, but I love it!


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