12 December 2015

Primark coat, Mango old jumper, ASOS jeans, Stradivarius boots, ZARA bag

I've been so out of blogging these past two days due to busy days at uni. Luckily it's the weekend now, and I can be even more comfortably dressed than I normally am. I decided to wear this throw together outfit on Thursday, when I had lots of work to do, but also had to run a few errands. I went for a grey coat, my really old, navy Mango jumper and my favourite pair of ASOS jeans, the Ridley jeans.


  1. Love this look. Those boots are cracking.

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

  2. Ah you look so cute! Hope the days will get less stressful for you :( Keep one thing in mind: it's almost Christmas, yeey! X Charissa

  3. i love your coat, as if it's primark! and it's almost christmas, everything's going to be ok! x


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