5 January 2016

It's January 2016 and that is something that scares the crap out of me. I remember my summer of 2015 like it was yesterday! Somehow I instagrammed lots during December last month, so here's a little overview of everything!

Happy December! | December, the only month where having chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner is acceptable | Heavy knits and lace bras | Love these shoes! | Can't wait to be back in London soon | Today's bag essentials

OOTD from the other day, blog post here | Slow mornings | Sundaze | Making plans for next year | Outfit from the weekend, blog post here | Been in bed all day with the worst earache ever!

Today's comfi outfit | Today's bits and bops | Sunday down time before leaving for London tomorrow | Just touched down in London | Goodmorning London | It's our last morning in London today

London views though | Last outfit in London | One more of chaotic London | Huge thank you to @jewel_rue for these gorgeous bracelets that just came in before Christmas | Merry Christmas everyone! | Hope that you had an amazing Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter

Today's shoe of choice | Current favourite hair products | Tuesday comfort | A few of my favourite memories of 2015 ... blog post here | Bring on 2016 

So I hope you've had an amazing 2015, and will have an even more amazing 2016! You can always follow me on instagram! My username is @styleandsushi! I'm nearly at 2300 followers on there! Eekkk that's crazy!! 


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