2 March 2016

Mango leather jacket (similar), ZARA tee, ASOS boyfriend jeans (similar), Converse All Stars trainers, Rebecca Minkoff bag

When I wore this outfit last week, it was acceptable to go out and not freeze my butt, or in this case my knees, off outside. However when I look outside of the window today, it's been pouring down with rain all day. So I definitely wouldn't wear this outfit out today. We had such lovely spring weather last week, and now I just feel like I am ready to get on with the spring weather so I can wear my boyfriend jeans more often, and so I can wear midi skirts again. 

This outfit is just a very casual outfit that I would wear when I am working on my blog all day on my days off of uni. I usually want to be comfortable, but I know that if I wear sport leggings or pyjama bottoms I won't get any work done. So whenever I am working from home, I try to get dressed anyway, so I can make myself productive. And since these jeans are the most comfortable thing in the world, I usually end up wearing these jeans. 


  1. Love your outfit, that leather jacket is stunning! x


  2. love the outfit, specially the jeans!

    lu | Coco&Louis


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