4 April 2016

Communications related books seem to be the only thing I have been reading lately. Because of exams stress I decided to show you my Instagram activity of March. March mostly consisted of lazy saturday morning wake ups, breakfasts, brunches, and all the other food and coffee-related things in my life.

March has flown by and it's now the beginning of April, also known as the two weeks of my life insomnias caused by stress and me looking like a chaotic pale ghost are a daily occurrence. Anyway, I have two exams left to take this week, one tomorrow and one by Friday, so the end is near.

This is my all time favourite fragrance, now you know what I smell like! | Extreeeemely slow Saturday mornings | Today's casual Saturday outfit | Today's prettiness | New outfit post up on S&S (link)

A few of this weeks favourites | Have you seen the latest five favourites post on S&S yet? (link) | Starting today with a berry smoothie because I'm 'trying' to be healthier | Sunday blog work | Today's comfy outfit for uni

My current favourite makeup bits and bops | Morning coffee fix | I'd rather have Wednesday's brunch than today's boring breakfast | Spent my morning in bed watching reruns of The Hills, I used to love that show so much! | Procrastinating for days 

Today's casual Monday look | Prettiness | Current favourites, new beauty routine post up on S&S! (link) | Banana pancakes, because I last ate them during summer | Today's outfit. Finally wearing these pretty shoes from @sachashoes again! 

Happy Easter! | #latergram from Saturdays pretty shoes by @sachashoes | If only studying for exams looked this pretty. | Freshhh cut | #throwback to London, miss this place so much! 

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