30 August 2017

We all know that I am usually not one to wear either colour or prints. I only really own striped tees and a few random red and khaki coloured tops. This summer however, I was really loving all of the floral prints. So I went online and started looking for the perfect summer dress that included florals. I ended up loving this gorgeous one by MissGuided. It was like love at first sight. I love the muted tones, the whites, the fit of this dress, but most of all, I loved the sleeves. 

At first I was doubting on whether or not to get this dress, as I wasn't sure that it would suit me. I decided to just bite the bullet and buy it and if I ended up hating it I would just send it back. In the end I am so happy that I went and bought myself this dress, because it was perfect for one of our more fancier dinners while I was away on holiday. I had to pair it with these trainers to make the outfit a bit more me, as comfort is always key! 

What I'm wearing
MissGuided dress
Céline sunnies


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