10 November 2017

I am sharing yet another outfit post from Edinburgh with you today. But this one is a bit different than all the others I have been posting the last few weeks. In this post I want to talk about feeling connected to places you have never really been to before. Edinburgh was one of those cities to me. I have no direct family ties or whatsoever to Edinburgh or Scotland. My aunt's husband and his parents actually are from Scotland, but I did not realize it until my mum told me just before I left for Edinburgh. While growing up, I must have seen some sort of photo or documentary of Scotland and have always felt this desire that I needed to go there while growing up. My friends never really wanted to go there with me before, but somehow, I got to convince one of my best friends to come to Scotland with me.

Something was just drawing me towards the Scottish landscapes and Edinburgh's beautiful old town. While I was in Edinburgh I felt like it all clicked. I felt very much at ease, and felt like I knew the place already. I eventually fell in love with all the cobblestone streets, the beautiful architecture and all of the history. That's why I longing to go back, to discover even more of Scotland.

What I'm wearing:
Mango jumper
Mango trousers (similar)
Converse All Star trainers
Rebecca Minkoff bag
CĂ©line sunglasses


  1. Your style looks incredible! You have such a good fashion sense!
    Xx Victoria

    1. Thank you so much Victoria! You're way too kind :) xx


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